Aniverse Update 2 Log and Patch Notes

Aniverse Update 2 Log and Patch Notes

The Roblox Aniverse update has been released with new content, modifications as well as bugs for the game!

Roblox Universe released its Update 2 on September 3, 2022. With this update, you will discover a variety of bug fixes and changes made to the game experience. They should help solve any issues you’ve encountered and help you discover some new things to play with within the game.

This is a comprehensive overview of the updates that were made to the game which were made public in the Official Anniverse Discord. There’s a chance to get some items for free by going on over to the Aniverse codes webpage.

Unit Updates:
-Added Darkstache [Banner Exclusive]
-Added Shadow Hunter [Raid Exclusive]

Banner Updates:
-New Banner Exclusive Unit Banner: Darkstache (9/3/22-9/17/22)

Raid Mode:
Raids are open for in the first 15 minutes of every hour.
You can use Raid Tokens obtained from clearing Raids to buy various items. At present, it is possible to Gold Tier Unit “Shadow Hunter”

Origin Wisp:
A unique rare material unit that could be utilized to enhance the performance of any unit
It is currently available via the Challenge Shop

General Updates:
-Added Challenge Shop
You can now automatically save Gold Tier Units that you invite
-Added setting to deactivate auto-favorites
-Fixed Various Bugs



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