Apex Legends cross-progression and gifting are in the works at Respawn

Apex Legends cross-progression and gifting are in the works at Respawn

Apex Legends Cross-progression system (or its absence) has been a source of contention for a long time However, Respawn has revealed they are in the process of making the feature available.

Apex Legends’ cross-progression problems and the absence of a gifting have long been a source of contention however they might not remain for long. In the press conference at the Season 14 press conference the design director Evan Nikolich revealed that Respawn’s team Respawn is currently working on adding gifts to the game and also confirmed the fact that the issue of cross-progression is being dealt with.

When asked about gifts Nikolich replied by saying “Yes, so that’s something we are working on right now… something we’ve been trying to get in the game.” It’s not a straightforward job, however, especially given that the game features an actual currency system that relies on money. He goes on to explain the issue and says “It’s a more complex issue than handing a gift; we want to make sure we do it fairly.”


There’s no date for when gifting will be an element for Apex Legends, but, at a minimum we know that the feature is being considered in the moment.


In an Reddit AMA in the year 2000 the Director of Communications, Ryan Rigney, stated that cross-progression was added to the game by 2022. Since then, no details have been made public about the new feature.

In the present, nearly every new information about cross-progression is positive news for those who, at any time, switched from one platform to the next. However, there’s nothing more to talk about, aside from it’s true that cross-progression can be hard to implement.

“It is a very technically complex problem,” Nikolich explained. “Our game wasn’t designed from the beginning to deal with cross-progression. But , as I’m sure you’re aware I’d like to see the concept of cross-progression… It’s an idea we’re studying and would like to start sooner rather than later.

Again, there’s no specific date the time when cross-progression will be introduced however knowing that it’s being developed will be enough to put minds at ease as Battle Royale is set to begin the next season.

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