Apex Legends Kings Canyon map gets new POI and skybox in Season 14

Apex Legends Kings Canyon map gets new POI and skybox in Season 14

Apex Legends’ iconic Kings Canyon is getting redesigned yet again, by adding an additional POI, redesigning existing areas as well as adding a new skybox on the map.

Kings Canyon was the very first Apex Legends map that was released, and it should come as not a surprise that it has been through the most modifications in the time since its debut. Season 14 of Hunted will bring even greater changes on the map such as new POIs and changes to popular locations. The team also created an entirely new skybox for Kings Canyon, while also working through and redoing the entire map to breathe fresh life into the map.

In a press conference last week, Respawn’s chief design director for levels in The Kings Canyon changes, Jeff Shaw spoke in detail about what players can expect to see once this Season 14 update becomes available.

According to the legends, those who are following the story will be aware the fact that Loba defeated King Canyon’s Skulltown and Thunderdome in Season 5. This is why there is a salvage effort. The salvage operation is now completed by adding the new POI Relic in the Mapas shown in the image that is featured above.


Based on Shaw, Relic will be “bringing back some of that classic Kings Canyon gameplay that people love and miss.” It’s an intermediate-sized POI situated beneath a huge skull that has a resemblance to Skulltown.

“The other big reason we decided to put the POI here was a solution to a problem that we saw,” Shaw explained. “Moving around between Caustic, Market, and Octane’s Gauntlet effectively confined you to one lane. And even if a well-organized team was in the area, they were often required to engage in an encounter. Therefore, we felt that the area was lacking in rotation alternatives.” Relic is meant to address this issue by providing squads with a new zone to rotate into.

Beyond the POI that has been added numerous changes have been made across the map. Non-POIs such as the caged tower and base of the hill have been modified to make sure that fights can be ended quicker. This caged structure has opened and cut down and the hillside zone has been stripped of its indoor structures.

For existing POIs, Broken Relay was modified because it was “falling short” as a POI. New structures are being built on the site and it’s now referred to as Basin.

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