Apex Legends level cap finally increases once more in Season 14

Apex Legends’ cap on levels has been unchanged for a long time, which means it’s an opportunity for the game to get a substantial boost in Season 14.

Anyone who has played Apex Legends since its launch will recall the initial level cap was just 100. As dedicated players quickly got to that level, Respawn raised the cap to 500 in the year one. The same players who have been around for a long time will be pleased to learn that the cap on level caps is now increasing by introducing a prestige-like system.

The information is sourced from the Experience Design Director at Respawn, Aaron Rutledge, as he presented the changes at an event in Season 14 press conference. The update will boost the cap currently set in looping levels 1 to 500 times three times more which means that the cap on levels will basically, increase to 2000. Once you’ve reached 500, you’ll bring players back until they reach level one before starting the process all over again, just as prestige systems used within other FPS games..


In contrast to the prior limit of 500 points the new cap allows players to earn 345 Apex Packs through the normal progression of their accounts, which brings the total to 544. This is a guarantee of an Heirloom as the opening of 500 packs will automatically bring about Heirloom Shard drops for those who are lucky enough to open many packs and not see the mysterious glowing red light.

“I think a lot of players will be excited to finally be rewarded for the time they put in and get that Heirloom,” Rutledge stated.

The increase in cap size is more significant when you consider that the first cap allowed players to collect 50 Apex packs, and the cap of 500 allowed players to earn 200. The only way to get an Heirloom was to possess every cosmetic available that were available in Collection Events or to purchase enough Apex Packs in order to be extremely lucky or to hit the Heirloom down.

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