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Apocalyptic MMORPG Ashfall reveals World Premiere gameplay

Apocalyptic MMORPG Ashfall reveals World Premiere gameplay

Ashfall blends Eastern culture and the genre of post-apocalyptic shooters, to be released in 2023.

Ashfall new MMORPG shooter that is inspired by Eastern culture just revealed a half-hour of gameplay footage as well as behind-the-scenes information. The game hasn’t announced an exact date for its launch, but it’s anticipated to be released in 2023 on PC as well as Mobile.

You can view the complete World Premiere showcase on YouTube however, you’ll need to jump 29 minutes in order to get to the beginning

Many viewers who watched live were dissatisfied and confused by the graphics. But, you may need to change your settings regarding quality The hosts also stated that it’s still being developed, and can be an MMO in the end.

The show started with a short trailer that showcases an intriguing world that blends post-apocalyptic styles along with Eastern art and the culture of the East.

The premise instantly drew criticism as a Divisionclone However, there are elements of fantasy. The video description only reveals that the players are searching for a Core of Creation to save the world from a malicious AI attack.

After the movie trailer truly remarkable reveal was the involvement of Hans Zimmer, who contributed to the score along with two prominent industry veterans Steve Mazzaro and Inon Zur. The result was definitely impressive music to date.

The presentation was not the most engaging overall. While it’s not a good idea to wing your marketing strategy, this live gaming experience was too staged, and even a bit embarrassing.

It also revealed some important gameplay mechanics. Players can freely explore and interact with NPCs and continuously remove enemies for looting. There’s a myriad of enemies, such as gigantic spiders, crabs robots as well as armed warriors. Certain of the designs are rather generic and it would’ve been better if it took a stance toward its Eastern influences and a natural aesthetic.

The game’s design is a bit basic, but it’s developing and there’s bound to be plenty more to look forward to. Learn details on Ashfalland and other MMOs that are coming soon by visiting the News section!