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Apple allows developers to transfer ownership of apps for their stores using iCloud

Apple announced that applications that use iCloud are now able to be transferred to developers the problem that developers have faced for many years.

Apple had previously released an app transfer software for developers looking to transfer their apps an account that was new or a new owner. However it was noted that. It’s not working with apps that use iCloud.

Due to the sheer number of apps that utilize iCloud and App Store Connect, developers are unable to transfer their apps to a different App Store account through App Store Connect. According to Cupertino the apps can be transferred today no matter if iCloud is in use or not.

Some of the smallest details developers need to know prior to starting to port their application. The details are available about the Apple website.

Once the app has been migrated the reviews. Ratings and other data remain accessible to ensure that it will stay on the App Store after it was removed.

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