Aren’t already ready or had been outlisted from Steam On Sale?

The creator is the one who ensures the game is scoring on the map, is disconcerted by the issues. This time, it seems to me that the choice caused the game to be completely wiped out of the game.

In actuality the game, Ready or Not was taken off Steam on J une 16 , at the moment of the second twelfth event , where the developer stated it was a glitch in the backend and would be corrected soon. It’s not live on Steam however, because of the redirection to the homepage, the game the latest update to its content is being speculated to be the new level that has revealed a level that was set to the highest point of a mass shooting inside an evening club, which he described as Prysm.


To further add that, the developer published the update to its content on June 12, which whether it was done so intentionally or not it was one year since the.25 hour-long shootout that killed 49 people in Florida. Additionally, NME said that the stage could bear a similarity like the Bataclan shooting that took place the year before in Paris.

It’s true that it is speculation right now and there is no way to tell if Valve will remove Ready or not, just because of the update however, it is possible that we’re still there. The developer is currently focused on the issue of Valve. Stay tuned for further news in the coming days.

Attention to the police!

As you’ve probably noticed, Ready or Not a temporary import comes by using Steam Store. Steam Store.

We’re currently working with Steam and will be updating our players as soon as possible.

VOID Interactive June 16, 2022.

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