Artery Gear Fusion Codes – June 2022

Artery Gear Fusion Codes – All the redeem codes available – You can redeem these codes for fuels, consumables, crystals and more in-game free benefits for the mobile game BILIBILI

Use these codes to redeem fuels, consumables, crystals and other free in-game rewards for the mobile game BILIBILI

Artery Gear Fusion Codes – Full List

Here are all the codes available. codes:


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  • There aren’t any working codes as of yet.

This list of codes that are valid up to date. So keep checking back as we’ll be adding every updated code when they become available.

Artery Gear Fusion social media channels and the channels through where they broadcast the codes:

While you don’t have to follow these even if you don’t want to We will make sure to keep the list current.


Expired Codes

These codes do not work anymore:

Artery Gear Fusion Codes – How do I use them?

Here are the steps needed to redeeming codes:

  1. Then, launch Artery Gear Fusion on your device
  2. Complete the Turorial
  3. Tap the icon for events (left side)
  4. Tap on the code that is mysterious.
  5. You can enter any of the numbers (valid code lists)
  6. Enjoy your rewards

Watch this video tutorial by Zacker Gamer ( 2:30 minute)

About Artery Gear Fusion

The Puppets are on the way and a massive war starts – the mechgirl game of strategy “Artery Gear: Fusion” invites you into the battlefield of doomsday!

Create a mech girls to battle the harrowing “Puppets” that devour the world. Amazing skill effects for special effects are awe-inspiring and refreshing auditory and visual battle feast. Create skill combos and experience the thrill of strategic battles. More than 100 gorgeous mech girls with distinct traits will battle against you side-by-side. This battle requires your help!


It’s the Puppet War is set to start and the world of humanity is hanging on a single thread and both remaining powers, “Frontier” and “Autoluna” aren’t sure about one another and are unable to achieve a strategic alliance… There is a day of doom heart of the people and their wars, the real truth of the world will gradually emerge.

You’ll be transformed into a fleet of joint forces comprised of the two forces, including the commanding officer”Union”, and the captain “Union”, and lead mech girl squad referred to by the name of “Artery Gear” to fight against the unidentified monster “Puppet”.

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