Asahi Kasei expects EV buyers to include audiophiles

They won’t be enticed by a CD.

According to the Nikkei Asia Review, Japan’s Asahi Kasei Microdevices is able to produce high-end audio components for the electric vehicle market. Representatives of the developer claim that the low noise generated by electric vehicles in their power stations creates special conditions for the perception and enjoyment of high-quality sound from the audio systems. In electric cars, audiophile parts may be used.

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RTX 3050 costs less than a 40tr.

The price for the i5 12600K has increased 1.5 times.

Gigabyte Eagle 38 tr Citylink 50 tr, half at a.

-120000r Citylink on RTX3090

RTX 4000 on Sale for 100tr

-45,000 r for 6800XT ASUS.

Thirty-seven Ti are less expensive than thirtytr Gigabytes of gambling.

Three quarters of one-day gaming.

For 54tr, 30-60 Ti Gigabytes

3090! Ti for 170tr on XPERT.RU.

3070 tr IM Gaming, more than 80 tr per 30 tr.

VRD Ti 3070 is a gaming platform that uses 70 Gigabytes RTX technology.

The new Generation of Asahi Kasei DACs will be equipped with an electric roadload this fall. They will also use the 1536 kHz sampling rate at 64 bit. This was a leap in many ways from standard CDs’ capabilities. The problem is that this means that a 5-minute piece of music at this quality could take up to 7 GB. Even with 5G networks, it is difficult to transfer such a large amount of information. Therefore, audiophile solutions for electric vehicles must be developed. Amazon Music can stream at 192kHz or 24bits. However, the network capabilities must be sufficient to meet certain requirements.

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