Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Recap

The month of May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in the US which is a commemoration of the communities they belong to and their contributions to American heritage and culture. May is recognized to be AAPI Heritage Month because of two significant historical events that occurred in May for members of the AAPI Community. On May 7 1843, the very initial Japanese migrants arrived to America. US in the US. On May 10 1869, the very inaugural transcontinental railroad across the US was completed thanks to significant contributions from Chinese workers.

In May, Riot made use of the opportunity to honor and explore the history and traditions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

What a way to celebrate

Forming of a brand fresh Asian & Pacific Islander Rioter Inclusion Group

At Riot the last time, we had a celebration by launching a newly created Rioter Inclusion Group (RIG) for Asians and Pacific Islanders (API). API is a space for Rioters with all Asian and Pacific Islander identities to come together, to learn from one another’s shared similarities as well as cultural distinctions, and promote Asians and Pacific Islanders at the Riot level. API in Riot will establish bridges to all Riot’s offices and implement an international approach to its work.

By raising awareness and increasing the visibility of Asian & Pacific Islander stories Through increasing awareness and amplifying stories of Asian and Pacific Islanders, the API RIG will enhance the impact of Riot’s IP on the communities. This API RIG is dedicated to increasing the participation and participation, retention and recognition of API Rioters around the world.

Inaugural event

Our inaugural API RIG meeting was held on the 26th of May. In recognition the AAPI Heritage Month 2022 theme of empowering leaders through collaboration we held an Fireside Chat with Riot’s Head of Production, Mags Ng. Mags spoke about her personal story of being an Hong Kong immigrant. She discussed the changing relationship she has with her identity , which is interwoven with her more than 20 years of gaming experience. Through sharing inspiring stories, she encourages us to stand out and to appreciate all we have to offer as individuals.

After the meeting the group walked out to enjoy a night of socializing with delicious , customized snacks and drinks served by NOMs, the on-campus cafeteria staff, which included Shrimp Toast and Matcha Mochi cake. It was a lively and energetic event at which we had the opportunity to get to know our friends from our fellow Asian and Pacific Islander colleagues and allies to share delicious food and good conversations and enjoy a little of the richness that this community offers.

Noms Celebration

Asian and Pacific Islander food is delicious and varied. We could not be able to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month without experiencing the variety of cuisine Asian cuisine offers. The event was hosted by NOMs. We were able to sample a range of dishes across BBQ pork belly pineapple buns, Aloo Gobi, to Tapsilog Skirt Steak.

Beyond AAPI Month

Resilience In This Moment as well Beyond

In collaboration in collaboration with Right To Be, we will host a seminar on Resilience The Current Moment and Beyond that will allow protesters to write the resilience they have built for themselves. With the rise of hate against AAPIs We will explore ways to interpret the current situation and how it influences our lives. It will be an interactive learning opportunity to gain a better understanding of the power of resilience. Sit with it, make your own narrative, feel our grief, and be able to find happiness.


In the spring of this year, Riot launched a brand new VALORANT Agent, Neon, who is an agent from the Philippines. One of the principal creators for Neon is Filipino and, in collaboration with our many partners, including our Filipino employees at Riot (FAR) RIG and Riot (FAR) RIG, we were able create a truly authentic as well as authentic Filipino character. Neon is a satisfying method of recognizing and celebrating the exceptional VALOROUS players of Filipino communities.

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