Aspyr provides temporary solution to KOTOR II by using Warp Cheat

We reported this error in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords on the Nintendo Switch. It prevented the game’s progress from being too far in the middle of the story. As soon as you get a patch, aspyr also suggested a temporary fix for the cheats.

Aspyr indicates that cheats are possible by pressing the left stick three more times. Just before the basilisk crash slashscene, you can use the Warp command in the party select screen to target random locations. You should then keep the attack time at OND504, while dribbling in the dealer district. The game will crash otherwise.

These are the English instructions.

Our workaround is to use the cheat menu to get past the point at which the game crashes. Double-click the left thumbstick to open the cheat menu. Select Warp. Before the cutscene, we recommend that you warp in a random place. If you do not, you will be traveling alone to warp. To get to OND504., follow the same steps as above. Don’t go to the business centre, as your game may crash.

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