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Before the war: Microsoft has left the Internet Explorer. You’ve a day to feel nostalgic in the legendary browser

Microsoft has officially announced the closing of the well-known Internet Explorer browser 27 years ago. The version currently in use, Internet Explorer 11 is running through June 15, 2022.


The program was first introduced in the 1990s, as an add-on to Windows 95 became a Internet application for the majority of computer users. In the words of Times Now, the famous browser reached its peak in 2003 and was a flop on the market. Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox are fierce competitions from Microsoft.

In a statement made on an official release Microsoft spokesperson Sean Lindersey noted that the Edge browser, which is the replacement to Internet Explorer, has a built-in IE mode. It lets you access older websites and apps, by making use of Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge.

The company suggests users to change to Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge as soon as they can as they are left with less than 48 hours remaining.

A lot of PC users will recall Internet Explorer for the use of the browsers Google Chrome Firefox as well as Opera.

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