Best Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicle – Best Summon Tier List

September 23, 2022

These are the orbs that you would like to have in your possession.

Most of the missions of The DioField Chronicle will require you to eliminate and route enemies. Your soldiers are more than capable of tackling the enemy by themselves however, there are Magilumic Orbs at your disposal. They require TP to make use of, you might be wondering what the top Magilumic Orbs from The DioField Chronicle are.

All Magilumic Orb Summons ranked in The DioField Chronicle

Tier Magilumic Orb Summon
S Bahamet, Fenrir, Goldhorne
A Coeurl

Best Magilumic Orb Summons in The DioField Chronicle

These are the most powerful Magilumic Orbs as well as summons found in The DioField Chronicle. We suggest making use of these over Coeurl, Salamander, and Ouroboros and then spending every Jade Crystal you need to improve them. Below are our suggestions for the most effective Magilumic Orbs from The DioField Chronicle.


Despite being the Magilumic Orb that was the initial Orb This summons is one of the most powerful available. It has an extremely affordable cost that covers a vast space and does amazing damage. If you want to simply take out the enemy, Bahamut does the job and looks effortless. If you want a low-cost and powerful summon, we suggest further improving the Magilumic Orb.


Fenrir also has an affordable cost of 1 TP, similar to Bahamut however it deals less damage. However, the Magilumic Orb more than makes its way to make up for it by granting its freezing debuff to all enemies in the area it is targeted. The application of freeze makes enemies ineffective to move for a short duration, which gives you the chance to eliminate the enemy or move your troops.


Goldtone is a worthy contender for a spot among the top Magilumic Orbs due to its remarkable help abilities. It can restore HPand to all units that are in the area desired and allows you to keep your units running and ready to go. It does require two TP for use and so your users to use it can be restricted and you’ll have to plan when you will make use of it. However, keeping your units running is worth more than the TP required to summon this unit.


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