Big Tomb Raider Leak Gets More Credibility

Crystal Dynamics, a Tomb Raider developer, has apparently added credibility to the script leaked during a podcast last Friday.

The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot had the goal of showing Lara Croft as younger and less experienced. 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider ended her transformation into an adventurer. The trilogy’s conclusion ended the story of the three-game series, but it left room for more adventures. The big question was how Tomb Raider would return.

Although it has been several months since Crystal Dynamics announced that it is working on a new Tomb Raider HTML5 game, the studio has been very quiet about the entire project. The game’s code was still available online. Crystal Dynamics may have tried to plug the leak, which could be ironic.

An insider reportedly leaked scripts for the upcoming Tomb Raider game to hosts of the PlayStation-focused Sacred Symbols Podcast. Patreon subscribers were treated to an exclusive reading from Chris “Ray Gun”, Dustin Furman, and their co-hosts. Crystal Dynamics was not pleased with this performance and sent a DMCA notice to Patreon. This formal notice appears to confirm that the script is authentic, despite being annoying for Sacred Symbols fans.

Yesterday, August 2, Sacred Symbols addressed the issue in a bonus episode. Colin Moriarty said that he had been working on the script for a while and was now trying to figure out how to best use it. Moriarty decided that a dramatic reading would be enough to transform the script and avoid copyright claims. It seems that the Tomb Raider Studio still had issues with Sacred Symbols’ reading. Crystal Dynamics sent Patreon a DMCA notice the day after the episode was live. This forced Patreon into removing it or facing legal liability.

Moriarty for his part seems to be taking it all in stride and explaining that he was not angry with either company. He said that the podcast would be compliant with the DMCA notice and that he didn’t want to cause any unneeded animosity toward Crystal Dynamics. Moriarty believes that he didn’t violate any copyright laws in sharing the script the way he did.

The leaked Tomb Raider game revealed some details, including that Lara will be older and more experienced, with a team of adventurers supporting her. The new Tomb Raider is set in a “modern-day world shaken by a mysterious catastrophe,” although it’s not clear if the game will continue where the reboot trilogy ended.

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