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Blizzard celebrates Diablo Immortal as the biggest disobedience in franchise history

Diablo Immortal, the latest addition to this franchise, would have been the best to date, despite the backlash.

The game’s creators shared a post about how the games have been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times since June 2. This is the most Diablo titles have ever been installed.

Shout out to the villains from Sanctuary. Diablo Immortal was launched in just one week. We are grateful for your support. pic.twitter.com/r561EY5u8b

Diablo Immortal (@DiabloImmortal) June 10, 2022

Although Diablo Immortal’s fun gameplay has been well-received, there have been criticisms about its microtransactions. According to a report, the fact that players are supposed to gear their character to the maximum would result in them spending more than $100,000.

Many people reacted to Immortals’ celebratory post in a split. Some highlighted microtransactions, while others celebrated a new diversion.

After being reviewed by thousands of people all trying to find a pay-to win format, the game didn’t score a surprising low Metacritic score. The game is second-class Warcraft III if it has one of these metacritic scorers.

It is not clear if this backlash will have an impact on the game’s launch, but it appears that new players are still downloading and installing the free-to play title. Diablo Immortal is available for download on both the phone and the computer.

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