Boyfriends Dating Sim/Dungeon Crawl Mix Announced

August 19, 2022

This summer, Boyfriend Dungeon received a free Secret Weapons DLC. Boyfriends is an RPG/dating sim that turns magic talking weapons into cute girls so you can have fun with your dates. Three new weapons will be added to the dungeon. One of them will be the boss of the dungeon. The soundtrack will include a variety songs.

Leah the hammer, Jonah the ax (who’s brief appearance had players asking for his return) and Dr. Holmes the whip are the new weapons. Ikumi Nagamura, the former creative director at Ghostwire: Tokyo and creator of The Evil Within series, created this previously unannounced addition. Kathleen Loserfruit Belsten will voice it.

Nakamura stated: “C’s the Day.”

I looked into the design of Doctor Holmes. Tanya (X.) was our contact. He made many things for Tanya (X.), a designer and coach of the Kitfox Games) and the team. Boyfriend Dungeon was a great teammate.


Why aren’t we here anymore? Do you really want to suffer?

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