Brawl Stars Robot Factory Season 14 Battle Pass is now available

September 6, 2022

The Robot Factory Brawl Pass is now available for the 14th season of Brawl Stars!

Following an exciting DeepSea Brawl Pass comes Robot Factory Brawl Pass today, September 5, 2022, within Brawl Stars as they enter an exciting new season. Players are now able to enjoy the latest skins and content for season 14. The following are the main features of what you can expect from season 14 along with the Brawl Pass for Robot Factory

Following this year’s DeepSea Brawl Pass comes Robot Factory Brawl Pass today, 5 September 2022 for Brawl Stars as they enter the new season. The players can now play the most recent skins and content in season 14. The following are the main features of what to expect from season 14 along with the Robot Factory Brawl Pass

The new season is bringing the debut of a new brawler, Sam. Sam is a chromatic brawler rareness and is a melee-based character. He makes use of his specialized gloves to strike all of his enemies, and then take out his foes. Sam also has a skin for Sam known as Caesar Sam which is available after completing the 70th level of the Brawl Pass. In Tier 1 you can get Poco’s skin. Poco who can be his Desperado skin. In addition, you could gain rewards like coins, power points gems, and much more.

There are new sprays and pins to be found under Brawl Star season 14. These pins and sprays can be utilized in the game to mock your opponents or show off your fun side to your team. There’s also a brand new game mode that is called “8-Bit’s Last Stand.” The mode is only played during weekends.

Season 14 also addressed many bugs and adjustments. Brawlers such as Buzz, Poco, Nita, and many more were given enhancements. Certain environments on the maps were also altered to celebrate the start of the season. As of the time that the Pass was launched this week players no longer have to download any additional data to get this update.

There are speculations about an upcoming brawler, Gus. The new character is available in the menu of characters but it’s not yet accessible. He’s not yet released, and players can anticipate more announcements about his arrival.

This season is scheduled to run for two months and will also include the launch of a fresh Brawl Pass. In the meantime, players can play the new brawlers and modes until the start of the next season.


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