Brawlhalla reveals 6.10 Patch Preview

Brawlhalla will reveal major Ezio changes as well as improvements to the Quality of Life improvements and more for 6.10.


Brawlhallahas made the decision to unveil a few of the improvements to quality-of-life and balancing that are set to pop into the next 6.10 patch. The developers even revealed the entire preview via Livestream that debuted on Brawlhalla’s Official Twitch channel.

Here’s the announcement on Brawlhalla’sTwitter feed, which teases that Livestream will be available and a preview of it:

The preview showcases some major changes, including new backgrounds as well as frame drop enhancements as well as updates to rendering tools like the Ranked UI and the rendering tool.

The new background options will let players blur backgrounds while playing so that players can better follow the action. If this seems too extreme it is possible to simplify the backgrounds so that animations stop and don’t be distracting.

Color exclusion can affect how you perceive your opponent, and will automatically display your Legend in a “different, more contrasting color scheme” when you’re a clone of another Legend too much.

These modifications can make a significant change, as every game on Super Smash Brothers is filled with visual background noise. It can also make it easier to access.

Its Ranked UI The Ranked UI will show your local ranking against the top 1000. Also, an issue will be addressed that caused frame drops. These are always crucial when games combine combat with platforming.\

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It also marks the last balance update prior to next year’s Brawlhalla World Championship 2022. Gauntlets have been upgraded while attack cancel times have been reduced for the Greatsword and the recovery times have been adjusted to those using the Hammer as well as the Katar.

Asura’s charge time and Cassidy’s recovery time and Dusk’s recuperation time have been increased. The biggest change is certainly for Ezio. The bonuses to his momentum have been increased, his Directional Influence is now angled and cooldown times are significantly extended.

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