British player Praevius and Akkers have got involved in mYinsanity in Premier League division. Currently it is an competitive league with former players from the LCS, so take it step by step in the second division

William Akkers Akrilland coach Joshua Praevius Elliot-James, who is playing in the second division of the UK League of Legends this summer, will be the top-labeler of this year’s League of Legends.

They created mYinsanity – a long-standing esports organization that released their roster earlier this morning. Praevius is returning to the org with which he was involved in 2021. Akkers is making his first appearance in an non-UK team.

They have been working together with many UK teams over the years. Most recently, they were part of Lucent Esports in division 2 of the NLC. This team reached the Spring 2022 Playoffs.

The roster of mYinsanity includes the Finnish jungler Dibu, lancell Tiara, and the German mid-laner Alcaffee as well as The ADC Notiko.

OMG President Praevius goes back? I am so excited to be working in this line-up. I am unable to finish a post up last year by a few more months and then have some work to help you out

Praevius (sasp.) June 3, 2022, 2022.

The Prime League is a “DACH” (German-Austria-Switzerland) league of Legends European Regional League (ERL) that was operated by Riot Games and Freaks 4U.

Other teams in Division 2, including TT Willhaben, Eintracht Frankfurt, No Need Orga, Kit SC, All For One, Sprout, Austrian Force, Hertha BSC, WeSports and more.

Esports News UK has spoken out about the move.


Praevius stated that, although I still have a high opinion about the build quality, I used a different style of work in the off-season due to the limited resources available.

There were eight trials in the off-season. I was fortunate to have a mixture of players who were part of the European Championship (EUMA) and those who showed incredible potential.

It is currently home to former LCS players. I am sorry for my excessive promotion. While playoffs are certainly a goal, I also want to create a fun team environment.

Praevius, MYinsanity.

This is my greatest surprise, as I left Prime League unfinished business last year. It feels overwhelming to have this roster floating.

Praevius said that even though I was still in the org and in 2021 in my life, I still enjoyed time on mYinsanity last year. The reason was that I wanted summer and winter breaks. The company was exceptional when I was there and I feel that it set a standard of professionalism for all the teams I will be working with in the future.


Akkers also added. The level of competition and exposure were my primary motivations for joining the Prime League mYinsanity. Prime Div2 may be the most recent move beyond ERL Div 1.

The audience is always high. Prime Div 2 has seen many players in the past. They have clearly grown their careers through the exposure they receive from it.

I believe that I have made some progress in the last year since my last full split (UKLC Summer 2021). My goal is to continue to be a leader in high-level competition.

Akkers, mYinsanity!

It’s a great test, as there are many players who have Div 1 experience. I look forward to it.

We would like to have a good idea of how the UK players are being used in other countries’ leagues.

The league will begin on June 6, 2022.

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