BTS Island Coupon Codes – July 2022

Use these Coupon Codes to redeem gems. You’ll need lots of them to decorate your personal island

BTS Island Coupon Codes – Full List

Here are the most current Coupon Codes available:

This list of Coupon Codes that are valid current So, keep checking back as we’ll update every new coupon code in the moment it becomes available.

Even though you are not required to follow these even if you don’t want to We will make sure to keep the list current.

Expired Coupon Codes

These Coupon Codes no more will work anymore:


BTS Island Coupons for BTS Island – What can you do with them?

These are the steps you must follow to use Coupon codes to redeem:

  1. Install BTS Island to your device
  2. Follow the tutorial to the letter.
  3. Click the settings button (top left) and then tap the code button.
  4. Input the code that we gave you above into the box.
  5. Click the button and you’ll be awarded immediately in the game.

About BTS Island

Decorate and clear to make unforgettable memories by using BTS! Visit In the SEOM!

  • From the game’s title logo, design of the characters, all the way to the music – they’re each a gift from BTS to the ARMY! A lot of small aspects that make up the game are designed by BTS players to make it even more enjoyable!
  • Puzzles featuring BTS as well as BTS BOMBS! Build memories with BTS when you break puzzle pieces! Amazing puzzles created with BTS members! Make use of the special BTS Bombs featuring BTS characters whenever you’re stuck!
  • Find BTS stories from the SEOM! Selfless and thoughtful leader RM is sunny and positive J-Hope and Jin casual and relaxed SUGA warm and sweet Jimin adorable and goofy V, a natural at everything Jung Kook, In the SEOM the characters are a perfect reflection of the charming personality of BTS!
  • Create your own personal island in the SEOM! Decorate it with different themed objects! Fish, swim or play ping pong in a box and set off fireworks! Explore adorable scenarios in Today’s missions, and earn lots of rewards


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