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Building Simulator 2 is a naive instrument for beginners

A PC building simulator was not something I sought after, even though I’ve been creating PCs my whole life. It was fun to play for hours, but I found it more enjoyable to share with friends. We only wanted to spend less when we got tired of trying to navigate and avoid expensive graphics cards.

PC Building Simulator 2 is now available in beta at the Epic Games Store. It’s not the same. ItsGuitar Herofor PC gamers more focused on the game rather than providing good content. Although I didn’t expect to see PC Building Simulator 2, that was the point where many gamified components stopped building a PC.


The PC Building Simulator 2’s best touchstone is Guitar Hero. You get the feeling of building a computer, but it’s more than just building one. Do you need cable service? You don’t have to worry about it, simply click on the highlighted ports. What is the RAM placement? A poncho will be provided. You can continue the list.

My beta preview was started with the timed career mode. You already knew what the deal was with us if you played the first game. Your uncle might not have been friendly and you would end up with an inept store. Now your task is to order the right order, complete the orders competently, and balance your budget so that you can afford new parts (and a higher price).

My business grew but was too quiet. To gauge if customers were unhappy, I started pushing back and malignly messed up PC builds. I took out the PCIe brackets and built the slots incorrectly. Then, I drenched every CPU in thermal paste.

It is important to be clear that thermal paste applied incorrectly can cause too much heat.

But nothing ever happened. No matter what I did to try to stop them, every order went through without a hitch. Computer simulation is not a game. It’s a matter between computer simulation being fun and being a tool to learn how to build computers. There are many teaching moments in the game just by looking at it.

An aspiring Fortnitestreamer paid for an early job, even though his computer didn’t meet minimum requirements. Although the machine needed an upgraded CPU, I noticed that two RAM sticks had been installed on the opposite side. Most motherboards need more space between the slots to run at full speed. There was no reward for noticing the problem. It was not a reward for causing the problem to be redirected to other systems.

Most important was the introduction of the new bench system. There are now three workstations available: building, watercooling, and case modding. You will be guided through each bench by the career mode, which includes a full filling as well as a custom flow cooling loop.

This is the first game you will need to modify the watercool to make it work. This involves replacing the thermal pads on the GPU and taking out heat from the motherboard. It is a great system and I love that I can choose the components I like on my PC or in a custom loop.

That wouldn’t work in real-life.

It’s not always correct. You can place the lines on the GPU’s same side as the watercooler bench. This will prevent liquid from entering the GPU block. Liquid cooling can also be prevented by this arrangement.

PC Building Simulator 2 must provide detailed documentation on how to construct a PC. However, players who want to build their own PCs can benefit from avoiding common mistakes. This would also make PC Building Simulator 2 a better game. You can start a repair business by using the push-and-pull of rewards and consequences.

Get a Free Day of Play

I cringe at a lot career mistakes, such as PC Building Simulator 2. It’s all about free play. You can create a wide range of dreams, benchmark them, and then overclock it. This is where the new bench system comes in, allowing you to explore deeper than ever before.

Liquid cooling can be a treat on its own. You have complete control over the choices you make when building a custom loop. You want a monoblock or just a CPU-block. Would you prefer the ROG Strix RX 3090 to be paired with a specific GPU block? All of that was covered. Computer Building Simulator 2 offers a custom solution to liquid cooling that was not available in the original release.

The case roll is the other bench, which is a simple yet powerful workstation. The case roll can be painted in custom colors and stickers can be applied to make any building feel yours.


The PC Building Simulator 2 adds an iPad to the game. This saves you time when you need to check your mail or buy new parts. Soon, we will be able to go along with the music. The PC Building Simulator 2 features a unnumbered soundtrack that includes almost every sound you can imagine, unlike the original device.

It also allows for room customization. You can point at a ceiling or wall and move it to another floor. This is the house that Spiral House plans to build in the future.

PC Building Simulator 2 is not going to disappoint me. I would rather get an update for free than a paid version. It’s a worthy sequel that expands on the original release’s features. It also dives deeper into benchmarking and overclocking to ensure the correct representation of the computers’ performance.

PC Building Simulator 2 will be launched on the Epic Games Store in the latter part of this year. For access to the open beta, you can list it now.

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