Call of Duty Warzones updated Caldera map back to Storage Town, making other changes

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 will be here in no time. The main maps will also be available for upgrade. The updated map was shown to us, and it appears to be bringing back Verdansk’s classic point of interest.

Dexertos Call to Duty @CharlieIntel shared this map with Twitter. It shows the island in front the deck. Many people have pointed out that the layout of the buildings in the middle-left (above the yellow circle and hill) mirrors that of Verdankss. Although Verdansk is long gone, it would be nice to bring parts back for Caldera. For better visibility and underground vaults, the map houses over 50% of vegetation. Although physical space is not important, plant life can still alter the tone of the game.

Before taking the look at the update, the Caldera went to #Warzone on June 22. pic.twitter.com/h3n6IUf65i.

CharlieIntel (@charlieintern), June 15, 2022 2022

Warzone Season 4: Mercury of Fortune begins on Wednesday 22 June. Caldera’s map may be changing but it is not the only one that you should keep an eye on. Fortunes Keep, a smaller map that is four-quarters as long, will also be available in the new season. They all have different interests. Vanguard will be bringing back the Shi No Numa map for Zombies mode, Der Anfang.

While Warzone will continue to undergo changes, many Call of Duty players are already excited about Warzone 2.0. While the new Warzone will not replace the existing, it will offer the same battlefield royale experience. All modern technology was used to build the engine. Modern Warfare II, which will arrive in the fall ahead Warzone 2.0, uses the new engine as its foundation.

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