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August 19, 2022

Clash Royale Season 35 allows players to create exciting battle decks, and defeat their foes in live-action games. The game features 300 cards and four champions to add spice.

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Here’s the complete Clash Royale Tier List for those who struggle to get used to this strategy-packed video game. Here’s an updated Apex Legends mobile list and Dislyte 3 Stars list for those who like to play mobile games.

You can gain an advantage over your opponents by knowing the top card players on the player’s radar.

We have divided our tiers from the Clash Royale table because of the complexity of the cards that were split into decks. Here are the top Clash Royale cards that you can play for a chance to win:

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You can check the Clash Card tiers from the FTP List.

This Clash Royale card list tier list will take you to four different tiers, which range from the most elite to those with less sideal values. Clash Royale cards are the ones you should choose the most.

These cards are not useless, however. They are not able to help the S-Tier’s poor ranked breeders.


The S-Tier cards, even if they aren’t with other decks, are the most dominant Clash Royale cards in Season 35. They are reliable in all decks and recently retained their position.

Clash Royale Card. Short Summary P.E.K.K.A 7 Epic The P.E.K.K.A, a melee fighter, is slower than the newly launched mini P.E.K.K.A.

Although its heavy armor is very useful, it is also quite justified because it can deliver huge damage punches. Mega Knight 7 Legendary is a popular card, especially among the middle-class. Mega Knight was praised for its simplicity and ease-of-use.

Mega Knights Land, Splash attack and Splash deserve special attention. He jumps between targets inflicting massive damage to the area. Golem 8 Epic The Clash Royale card summoning Golem who is slow but very strong. It can destroy tall buildings and two unexplosive ruins full of Golemites. Wizard 5 Rare He’s one of the most fun to fight in the Clash Royale arena. Hog Rider 4 Rare Hog Rider can be a very agile melee pick and will strike buildings quickly, jumping over large areas and even rivers to win big deals. Executioner 5 Epic The Executioner may not be for you if you enjoy interesting action with axes. His ax can be a rapid boomerang, which can go back and forth with the eye towards your foes or the way you can escape. Electro Wizard 4 Legendary This is not your typical pick. Electro Wizard can work in many situations and is a versatile supporter.

With a great blast, he lands on the platform where the action is taking place, with almost all his enemies within reach. Common Minion Horde 5 The card depicts a horde or flying attackers that can inflict serious damage even if they are not armed. It distracts the opponent from thinking about it and allows them to take control of the situation. Balloon 5 Epic One hit of the balloons would kill everyone. It’s still a popular choice, especially among the top 10 in Clash Royale.

Although the Balloon is quite sturdy, it can inflict damage if shot. Baby Dragon 4 Epic This Baby Dragon can take splash damage and is the only one in the Clash Royale Tier List.

This uniqueness has earned the Baby Dragon a top spot. During hanging in the air, he burps fireballs. Ice Golem 3 Rare Ice Golem It is extremely difficult. He is a pounding machine and will explode when he hits back. Although Ice Golems can cause a lot of damage to enemies, they can be slowed down for quite a while. Ice Wizard 2 Legendary Ice Wizard can chill casters. Tornado can be seen performing in concert. More details later. He is very adept at splash attacks. The shards he uses to develop targeted attacks such as speed and movement. Bandit 2 Legendary This card is not a popular Clash Royale choice for many players. Players can use Bandits to make ranged attacks.

While the defense sector is able to exploit its advantage, players have the option of using Bandit to surprise their targets. Witch 5 Epic Witch is able to summon Skeletons and can also shoot destructive light beans. Knight 3 Common A strong combatant and melee fighter. Musketeer #4 Rare She uses her broomstick for short shots. Princess 3 Legendary The Princess will fire long-range flaming shots. Lumberjack 4 Legendary Eligible Damage occurs when a human is injured, but not when he loses. Lumberjack drank his bottle of Rage when it was down. Lumberjack is the best choice if there aren’t enough S/K minis. Valkyrie 4 Rare Combat dog with a strong force that does some damage in the middle of space. She is capable of taking down large numbers and hoards of enemies. The Log 2 Legendary This log crushes all that stands in its way. Ram Rider 5 Legendary Works well in a bridge spamshop. Prince 5 Epic Do not let his appearance fool. This is a good position in the Clash Rules ‘Raised’ list, since he was able to get back at an early start due to his double damage-enhancing abilities. However, he does not have matchups so be careful. Mini P.E.K.K.A. 4 Rare Mini P.E.K.K.A. This is an excellent alternative to the P.E.K.K.A.

It is capable of destroying towers and ranks high among the most powerful powerhouses in Clash Royale’s history. Bomber 3 Common Despite being small and unarmed, he is one of the most anticipated Army troops. Bomber is an explosive weapon that causes extensive damage to the area and kills many enemies. Miner 3 Legendary Miner, as the name suggests, can travel in and reach various locations while on the ground. This isn’t magic. It is a unique ability to hit the ground. Arrows 3 Common He can perform like Snowball and Zap, but with a more versatile edge. It increases its damage and extends its potential to a large extent. Royal Giant 6 Common Royal Giant can be used more easily than many of our other tiers. To destroy buildings, he uses large canons. Zap 2 Common This is an attack that causes massive damage to enemies. He opens the screen to make them look amazing and then attacks them a few times. Hunter 4 Epic Hunter can deliver a quick burst to large-scale scale damages. The burst damage opportunity is only available at close range because he does not seem to be able to perform well in the accuracy sector. Legendary Magic Archer 4 Magic Archer What they refer to is magic archer. They can pass through enemies that are brutal and cause them harm. Night Witch 4 Legendary Night Witch can summon an entire army of bats that are likely to be friendly but deadly to her enemies.

Night Witch is a formidable melee attacker, and her mean-looking companions work well with tanks.

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As nice as a Tier-S card may be, Tier A Clash Royale cards will definitely catch your attention. They can be used to turn the tide of battle in many cases.

Soon, the ICC – Royale Certificate is going to be issued. The Elixir Cost Role Summary Graveyard 5 Legendary is one of our highest-level players with a high win rate. This card summons a large horde skeletons from all around the world, dealing massive damage. Bowler 5 Epic This is a huge boulder that can be thrown at enemies, knocking down and throwing everything in between. Furnace 4 Rare Kamikaze can attack Furnaces, rendering fire and spirit at the same time. Tesla 4 Common This is a viable XBow Clash Royale card and can be used to defend. Freeze 4 Epic This destroys your enemy and places them in severe damage. It restricts their ability to make moves. Lava Hound 7 Legendary Although the Clash Royale card may not be the most popular, Lava Hound can offer a decent win rate. It is a flying force that targets enemy buildings. It’s stronger than regular Barbarians and is called Elite Barbarians 6. It does good damage but is easy to defeat. Don’t forget to use it against weaker opponents. Poison 4 Epic is a poisonous poison that can kill your enemy, especially if they are on the opposite side of the street. Yet, the toxins can also kill the grasses and leaves. Mega Minion 3 Rare These creatures can fly and are fully armored. They also absorb the most damage and are very powerful in retaliating. Common Firecracker 3 This Clash Royale support card fires an explosion firework that damages the target and throws sparks at anything behind it. Skeleton Army 6 Epic Summons a large number of damage-worthy skeletons. Sparky 6 Legendary Although they have less impact, they can still be very useful in turning around situations.

Sparky is a heavy charger, but it’s not the same thing. Although large-scale damage can be reshaped, the attack is still a threat. Mirror +1 Elixir from the last card you played. Epic Creates an exact copy of your last card. Dart Goblin 3 Rare It can fire rangers and dies like an arrow. Minions 3 Common Three flying beasts that are very fast but sparingly armored. Dark Prince 4 Epic This works well enough to kill enemies. Royal Ghost 3 Legendary Players love their invisibility. Royal Ghost is invisible to enemies and can then attack, leaving behind the ghosts of the past. Archers 3 Common This card can be used to reach two powerful, but small, ten-thirty attackrs. These cards can be used to quickly eliminate more than one ground-and-air unit. Tornado 3 Epic High-skill cards are available from the Clash Royale Tier that combine blending and splash cards. Tornado can be combined with Poison to make some amazing combinations. Inferno Tower 5 Rare Renders destroy enemies. Goblin Gang 3 Common Five speedy Goblins can take down many enemies using their knives and spears. Guards 3 Epic The young, skeleton-like brother of a man can take down any obstacle. Fireball 4 Rare These cards can defeat defeat within a few radiuses. This card can be powered by a tiny power card called Ice Spirit 1. This card emits a tiny, frozen spirit that can stun entire groups of enemies in a flash of an eye. Goblin Barrel 3 Epic Three large Goblins can be seen jumping around the arena, dealing decent damage to their enemies. Inferno Dragon 4 Legendary My ability to fire a beam of light that looks cleanly geared and works well with time is a strong one. X-Bow has a large, imposing roof. 6 Epic While X-Bow can be difficult to use, those who do so will quickly fill the top ten winning ranks. Bats 2 Common Minions are still the most powerful air unit on the Clash Royale cards Tier List, but Bats can be a viable alternative.

These tiny creatures are extremely powerful and do a lot damage. They cause chaos and destruction among the enemies ranks. Barbarian Barrel 2 Epic This rollovers anything in its path, causing massive damage. It also opens up the possibility of becoming a barbarian. Three light-armed, tyre-reach damage traders are available to you who can throw spears at your enemies. Spear goblins 2 common Electro Dragon 5 Epic This Electro Dragon can fire down strong beams of electric damage that hit up to three targets at a time. You can easily eliminate the Monions or other soldiers using this card. Snowball 2 Common Every hit is taken by the Snowball. Rage 5 Epic Increases troop movement speed and attack speed. Giant Skeleton 2 Epic This is the most powerful skeleton on our list. Only when the Giant Skeletons die, does the bomb explode? Lightning 6 Epic Throws can sting and stun up to three troops simultaneously. Target buildings with the highest landslide. Goblin Giant 6 Epic This is a huge green Goblin fighting against enemies ranks. He also carries a horde Spear Goblins.

Goblin-Gants are able to scare away enemies, even though they don’t do as much damage than you would expect from a CSX monster that is this large.


You can rely on the players to assist you in difficult situations. They may not be able to fit all decks.

Clash Royale Card. Clash Royale Card. Both fragile Skeletons 1 Common Despite his quick-moving actions, he is getting three strong, but naive attackers. Royal Hogs 5 Common They begin to nibble on buildings in seconds! Barbarians 5 Common An aggressive horde is formed by a single gunfire attack. You may be angry at incoming attacks. Rocket 6 Rare Inflicts massive damage within a radius. Goblin Cage 4 rare Reduces enemies’ stance by allowing them to reach a decently far distance. Fisherman 3 Legendary This cage opens and causes a Goblin Brawler to take action. Skeleton Barrel3 Common The plane comes equipped with balloons. After the balloons are inflated, you have come back down to destroy a lot more enemies. Bomb Tower 4 Rare This bomb-carrying defense structure will cause massive ground damage to everything within its vicinity. Unarmoured goblins 2 common Three unarmed green attackings fight quickly and cause damage to the outskirts. Tombstone 3 Rare The tunnel was built by Skeleton to facilitate interrelationship. Flying Machine 4 Rare This is a fun, agile flying troop that can do a lot of damage and doesn’t fear attacks. Battle Ram 4 Rare This long-range attack was planned by two Barbarians with the intent of destroying the buildings. Fire Spirits 3 Common Despite the fact that firecrafts may seem absurd, aside from his high damage stat, which maxes out at 534, this card only does a few Elixirs but is still weak.

Fire Spirits kamikaze attacks tend to be unpredictable.


These cards are more niche-specific than the generalists, and they only provide limited utility which is why they can be used in Clash Royale decks. Some battles are too difficult to win without elixir. It is possible to avoid it completely, however.

Clash Royale Card! Summary of Elixir Cost Rarity Three Musketeers 9 rare Three Musketeers from the Clash Royale meta are a trio independent, strong markswomen fighting to uphold honor and justice. Barbarian Hut 7 Rare This card is for Barbarians, as well as its spawning spawning Clash Royale card. This is even more unique! Pilots can also spawn after their death! Goblin Hut 4 Rare Barbarian Hut is an excellent alternative. This card uses Goblins to create the same effect, but not Barbarians. Mortar 4 Common Mortar has a slow hit. Only a Royal delivery buff could save it.

Despite the losses, this defense building is large and can shoot boulders at long distances.

Don’t let enemies get too close to your home! Battle Healer 4 Rare Each attack is a clear indication that allies will attack. If she is not being attacked, Battle Healer will continue healing herself. Elixir Golem3 Rare Elixir Golem splits into two Golemites upon defeat, and separates into two sentient Blobs upon destruction.

This card would have been worth more to you if it had not undergone two nerfs. Zappies 4 Rare Zappies now have the last tier in our Clash Royale cards card list. However, Zappies can still be effective against low-hit speed troops such as the Hunter and Bowler. Zappies can disable enemies with regular stuns which decreases their chances of attacking. Electro Spirit 1 Common This card is one of the most affordable on our Tier List. It jumps to its targets on both ground and air.

The chain attack nine targets at a time, while they are stunned. We must admit that this is a great alternative to the Electro Dragon. Skeleton dragons 4 Common Skeleton dragons are weak against air units that eliminate its enemies.

To fill this gap, a good defensive Clash Royale would suffice. The Skeleton Dragons are able to defend very well.

This card is neutral cashmere. Elixir collector 6 Rare Players can use this card to increase their Elixir reserve to make it more available to them so they can deploy faster and more easily. This can be used to distract from building-to house vehicles.

Because of the small discount Elixir Collector offers, there is no other option to working for them. Wall Breakers 2 Epic Wall Breakers dive bombers are deadlyly funny. They blow up buildings. Royal Delivery 3 The Common Royal Delivery acts in a similar way to Barbarian Barrel which stings the troops near. It is also a great fit for X-Bow!


Clash Royale Decks have the best.

Clash Royale might seem easy and the casual player watches their battling units battle it out. It isn’t, we promise. The Clash Royale comes with a variety of decks to add spice and complexity.

It is essential that you follow the Clash Royale card tier list. Here are the top Clash Royale decks you need to know.


The best deck to serve offensive players is the Clash Royale deck. It was not able to provide strong defense against P.E.K.A but it still has some outstanding defense capabilities.

Bandit and Battle Ram are available, along with Electro Wizard’s excellent fighting potential.

Pears: O’Ama, Y’Ama, O’Ama, A-Hao, A-Hao, Jingen, Boot, Poison and Zylva.


Given the deck’s best offensive-oriented cards, it will encourage extreme aggressive playstyles. The eight cards in the 2.6-hoop deck are easy to find and can be leveled up.

You will also find that the deck is very elixir-efficient so you can spend less. They must be used in the most efficient way. It won’t be possible to achieve a high ranking at all in the shortest time.

Golem, Ice Spirit Skeletts Cannon Musketeer


This top pick, which was one of the most impressive offensive decks in the year’s history, was completely compiled to support a more defensive style.

It also has Inferno Tower which can repel large amounts of incoming hits and deal decent damage to foes in return. You will also find the rolling logs card.

Cards: Inferno Tower and The Log, Goblin Barrel. Princess, Knight, Goblin Gang. Rockets. Ice Spirit.


The Musicmasters’ guitar jack-of the-mill deck is an excellent woodjack. This defense is a great match for a well-prepared offense.

Cards: X, Skeletons and Musketeer.


Clash Royale’s golems make decent troops. Given their benefits, this deck is a good choice.

These cards are not the strongest in defense or defense but they will push your opponents to the limit so that they become completely weak and without weapons.

Cars: Golem, Tornado, Barrel Barbarian, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Lightning, Dark Prince, Lumberjack.


This list was created because we spent a lot of money on a new research project. Our team also gathered information from many online sources as a result.

We trust and gather authoritative opinions from long-time, highly-qualified rookie gamers. We also worked on this.

We tried to prove each of our strengths and weaknesses through hard work in establishing the best structure for Clash Royal cards.


We believe in choosing the best in-game elements based on each other’s strengths. Every aspect of the policy has been carefully examined to determine its potential and meaning, and it includes any bias.

It’s so like-minded gamers can enter their favorite games without knowing the best steps. This is all about the Clash Royale tiers. Which cards do you like?

We would love to hear your thoughts about any of the tier lists. Clash Royale may have to rescind this post. Our team will continue to update this post.

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