Can Stranger Things season 4 break the Squid Game record on Netflix?

Season 4 is Netflix’s biggest ever show. Yes. Could it be the largest? It is not.

Stranger Things Season 4 won’t be the first Netflix show to reach a billion viewers in its first 28 days.

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Squid Game set a new Netflix record last year for the most-watched series. The Korean survival drama series, Squid Game, has a lot of promise. The record may be intact after the completion of the first season. It is possible that Squid Game might get another good show.

Stranger Things aired seventy days. The science fiction horror series broke the record for most-watched English series in the first two days of streaming.

People wonder if Stranger Things season 4 will “outview” The Squid Game.

Although this won’t happen, it won’t mean that the gap is as large as you think.

Squid Game will be featured in the fifth season of Stranger Things.

Variety reports that Stranger Things Season 4 has seen 883,3 millions hours of viewing in its first 24 days. Stranger Things Season 4 is likely to have reached billion-hours, with plenty of space. Recent estimates suggest that the series can watch more than 14,000,000 hours per day (and possibly more as the penultimate two seasons will continue on July 1).

Squid Game will not likely be beaten by Stranger Things Season 4, but it will be the last to close. Squid Game will be beaten by Stranger Things without any hint of repeating. The fact that the episodes won’t air before July 1 is a reason this isn’t fair. Since we are already discussing hypotheticals, Netflix might drop episodes that were said today or tomorrow.

Stranger Things Season 4 will be just a few million more viewers than Squid Game. But that’s not enough.

Stranger Things has solidly backed up its reputation among the annals for upcoming TV shows, especially on streaming platforms.

Stranger Things will have to lead no matter the weather. This is not surprising considering the previous seasons are on Netflix’s top ten list of most-watched shows. Stranger Things isn’t always on top of the charts. If there is a pattern in which each season outdoes the last, Stranger Things may be Netflix’s most-watched series.

Stranger Things fans will be able to watch the first episode of the second series, as well as rewatch the official trailer for season 2.

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