Capacity for Pokemon Bag and backpack – August 2022

Capacity for Pokemon Bag and backpack – August 2022

The capacity of the Pokemon Bag and backpacks – August 2022. New modifications to store more items inside the backpack and allow for more Pokemon.

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Capacity for backpacks and bags for Pokemon

Changes to the game’s design allow you to store more things in the backpack and be able to get more Pokemon:

  • The maximum slot for bags has been increased by 50 for both Pokemon and items.
  • In this new format, the maximum amount of space:
    • Pokemon will be available at 6150
    • Objects in 5150
  • This change isn’t in effect globally at the moment. Activates at 00:00 on the 27th

Source: PokeMiners

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Capacity for Pokemon Bags and backpacks —Go Battle League

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