Car Quest – How to Get All 32 Wheel Tokens

Are you having trouble finding the last wheel tokens that will allow you to drive an infinite rocket car? This is the right place.


Tutorial (1)

Only one token is available at the first level. This token can be obtained by returning later using either the froggy vehicle to jump over the bridge made with the artifact, or the spider car to climb over the wall to reach it. However, it’s easy to obtain the token right away. To jump over the wall, you can use the ramp at the center. It’s important to align your speed and angle correctly or you will fly off the back. However, this is possible with just a few attempts. At the top of the wall, you want to be at full speed. If you don’t boost, you will hit the top with enough speed to fly over the wall, but not off the back.

Blockspin (2)

There are two tokens in the second level. Only one can be obtained your first time. You can grab the first token right at the beginning. Simply grab it and then turn around to go to the opposite arch.

It is difficult to find the other one, as it is behind the exit portal. It can be collected with the froggy vehicle. Simply jump onto the arch while climbing the wall, then move forward to the top so your front wheels touch the top. Accelerate the entire time. You might be sent off the edge if you aren’t aligned correctly or go too fast or slowly. This token can be obtained by using the battery rocket car, and then launching from the ramp perpendicular the portal. There is just enough fuel left to reach the platform behind it. You can climb faster if you find this too difficult.

Flashback Portal (2)

There are two tokens available at this level. One you can collect as soon as your enter the cave, and one that you will need to collect the froggy vehicle. Continue playing until you reach the cave near the Fixit shop. Use the slight incline on the one side of the stalagmite for a front wheel to lift it up, then work your way to the top. Although it may not feel like you are making any progress, if you stop for too long, don’t worry, the car still has plenty of horsepower. The car can climb any slope less than 90deg, as long as it has a sloped run-up. If you have any issues with the car, you can always come back later. However, if your goal is to collect all tokens in one gothrough, you will need the car now.

The other is just above the cactus to the left of the entrance. Use froggy for a jump on top.

Slider (1)

Slider tokens are located under the main platform. To fly to this area, you can use the battery rocket car. You can take off from the ramp near the entrance. Take the first available battery, and then turn around to drive away.


Maze (1)

Although the only token in this maze is below, there’s an easy way to get there without any fancy flying. Jump between the blocks on your left side by driving off the ramp at end of maze. You can now drop between the blocks, grab the battery to your right and then drive down the path to your battery. This requires nothing more than a basic car.



Arena (2)

Two tokens are located in the arena. They are well-hidden, despite being small. They can be found in the secret area that you can reach by dropping down the ramp leading to the exit of level. You will see the battery in the screenshot.


This is the most obvious. You can achieve the first by approaching the ramp from an angle in order to build boost and barely reach the token’s platform. To make it even easier, you can use super boost, higher torque or battery rocket. However, be careful not to overshoot with super boost and higher power. Spider is the other token. You can do it with fancy driving the froggy car but it is much simpler to use spider. Simply turn left from the spot where you were teleported via the secret portal and drive down to the wall by using the corner gap. Make a U-turn to your right as you go down and then drive up into the cubby that holds the token.



Sands of the Fallen Kings (2)

This level has two tokens. One requires froggy or spider and the second requires a battery rocket. The first token is located in the top tower to your right. To get to the top, use the froggy car and jump to the top. Or, use the spider can to crawl through windows.



To get the other token, you will need a battery rocket. The tower is located in the back, at the beginning of the level, and opposite the token. It has a small awning halfway up that prevents you from using froggy for the token. Instead, fly straight through the window using the battery rocket from the dune.

BaronBishop, the most successful player in this game, claims that it is possible to get the token with froggy. However, I have not been able or seen how to do so, so battery rocket is my recommendation.


Ocean (3)

There are 3 tokens in the Ocean, all accessible with the basic car. There are two routes to reach the first token, which is located on top of the parapets. You can either build boost from the ramp in the photo and reach the token or drive up to the spot where the cannon is.


Next, you’ll find a rock outside the fort. You can simply use the ramp to exit the fort. Just make sure you are at maximum speed. It will be easy.



After you have collected the artifact in the shape of an anchor, the final token will be found on the ship. To avoid going flying off the opposite side, simply approach the starboard side at full speed.



Ice Temple Valley (1)

It can be difficult to find the token at this level if you are not quick enough, but it is possible. You have 15 seconds to circle the lower level and hit all of the lights clockwise after you’ve hit the switch near the entrance. It’s not possible with the basic car. However, it is possible with super boost. Nitro makes this even easier. If you aren’t afraid of going onto the slopes with nitro, it will make your car turn and make it difficult for you to steer. However, I do recommend that you play the whole game at least once to obtain the token in the generator, island, or limbo. I also recommend trying to grab the token as soon you arrive here, as long as you have gotten all possible tokens. The token will not stay down for long so make sure to grab it quickly.


Blocksheep Pastures (2)

You can collect one of the tokens as soon as your level is completed. Simply ride the wall up to the end and head to the back corner. If you want to collect all the tokens, you can return with either froggy, spider or battery rocket. It’s possible to wall ride, even though it can be challenging, given the height of this wall.

Blocksheep Pastures wall riding

The second requires you to return with the battery rocket and fly up on top the tree at the bottom left of your level relative to the beginning. It can be hard to control the flight. However, using the hill to climb up rather than taking off from flat ground can help you fly more smoothly.


Special Portal (1)

The portal that costs 4500 batteries in coliseum holds one token. However, you need to collect it before you can enter Brick Bristles Island. If you want all tokens, you don’t have to replay the game. After beating Blocksheep Pastures, you can re-enter the game and collect the battery that spawns at the location of the final artifact. Then, quit out to the main menu to reload the level. In just a few rounds, you can collect 350 batteries. You can even get more if you use the 2x car battery.



Brick Bristles’ Island (1)

Only one token is available on the island. However, you must have collected all other tokens before you can enter the island. You will need froggy to get it. There are only 12 tokens you can collect prior to reaching this point. The token on the top of the excursion portal is the only one I have not mentioned. Play through the entire island until night. You can collect it before, but it’s easier to wait. Once you have reached the end, turn left towards the sea serpent formation. Then, jump on the froggy car and climb onto its tail.



Planetarium (1)

Only the froggy vehicle is required to access this token. To reach the block, simply use the ramp the artifact is located on to launch yourself at it. Make sure you jump at the end and allow yourself enough height. To reach the block, it doesn’t have to slope down towards you. However, it will be much more difficult if it does. Wait for it to turn to the correct orientation. You can use the battery rocket instead to reach the same block if the area has changed.


Throne Room (2)

One token is only accessible when you enter the throne chamber. This is not due to car abilities. It is located on the top of the castle and is difficult to find no matter what car you drive. The froggy car is required to collect the item when you first enter the castle or whenever you return to it in the story. It can be difficult but definitely possible. It is the hardest part to get off the arch and go above the receded walls. But if you are tall enough, it can be done. You can always come back with spider if you find this difficult.

Throne token with froggy

You can only access the other token if you return to this location later in the story. Simply drive to the left of the throne to collect the token.


Power Room (2)

You can only access the first token at this level until you find the cable that leads to the top central power unit. To reach it, you will need to use one the special cars. Frog is the easiest. Simply hop up the walls to reach the middle. There are two options: spider or battery rocket. However, if you’re just starting out, these won’t be available to you.



The token located in the power room above Captain Brick Bristles Beard is the other. To launch up to the token, simply use froggy on the first ramp. It’s very simple.


Limbo (2)

Because this maze is difficult to explain, the map below shows the maze. The yellow dots mark the tokens. The green dot marks the entrance. You can get the first token from outside the maze using a froggy or battery rocket, spider or just a wall ride. However, that can be a bit difficult.


Limbo Tokens

Hub (6)

The hub is the largest area of the game and has the most tokens. They aren’t usually accessible until you have completed the story and reached the stage where you are collecting museum pieces. You’ll likely collect the first one that’s located on the top of the university’s excursion gateway. This one is easy to collect if you just drive up to it.


A long flight through the rings near the blocksheep portal is another token that can be obtained before you finish the story. However, it’s unlikely to be collected due to the requirements. To refuel your rocket, simply use the battery rocket to navigate through the rings.


Only one token is left before you finish the story. It’s the one at the top of the tree, which serves as the entry to Blocksheep Pastures. To collect it you will need spider. First, use froggy to jump on the portal side, then switch to spider once you are on the wall to climb around the protrusions.


There are two at a coliseum. One of them won’t be revealed until you finish the story. You can simply drive behind the coliseum passing 2D-toby along the way and then collect your prize at the short range portal leading to the top.


You can find the other token on the top of the coliseum at the back by using the portal. From the point you were teleported, drop down to the right and drive up the small ramp. Then, go all the way back to the coliseum. The token is on the top of a small ramp.


You don’t need any special cars to get the final token. Just some quick driving is all that is required. To reach the ice portal, first hit the binary block switch at end of thoroughfare. Then, drive around the corner. Instead of driving toward the portal to power room which is completely inaccessible, turn left at the edge of the road to reach the ice portal. You don’t want to go too fast, or you will miss the switch completely. However, you shouldn’t go very slow because you might not reach the platform. Simply go through the portal, and then turn right. The final token will be waiting for you.

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