The Last Case of Benedict Fox videos go deep into the secrets of the Mansion, introduce you to the Tattooist

The last Case of Benedict Fox is a Lovecraftian Metroidvania featuring gorgeous hand-crafted graphics which fit perfectly with the bizarre universe of this game.

As a self-declared investigator Benedict Fox, you will need to find your way through a maze of secret groups, rituals that are forbidden, and murders that are cold-blooded. In order to find clues in sudden deaths, you’ll explore the unconscious of the victims to discover their past.


You won’t go on your own, as you’ll be accompanied by a friend on the journey. In contrast to a normal sidekick or Dr. Watson, your partner is a demon with whom you are tied. It is this demon who lets you explore the thoughts of those who have recently deceased in order to obtain the “testimony.”

In your quest to discover the mysteries that lie within an abandoned mansion in which one couple died and their child has gone missing, you’ll be pulled into the dark and personal intrigue that surrounds the investigation and you will be forced to confront the family’s afflictions both literally and metaphorically.

Xbox Game Pass.

When playing the game emotions, memories and traumas take on physical form. You will have to take on monsters, demons, and the followers of secret organizations by using the weapons you have at your disposal, as well as your powers of demons.

At share way. today, two brand new videos were revealed for the game. One is a developer’s walkthrough, which takes an in-depth look at the mysteries of Mansion as well as the alternate reality known as Limbo and how Mansion and Limbo are connected.

The walkthrough also introduces the Tattooist The character gives Benedict with new skills which will assist him as he explores the deepest levels of Limbo.

Xbox Game Pass.

A second video offers an overview of the map that is featured in the game along with the tattooist.

Created by Plot Twist Plot Twist’s The Last Case Benedict Fox is coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S by the spring of 2023. It’s the first day-one release available via Xbox Game Pass.


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