Changes to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live will be rolled out globally

Update:Microsoft will roll out the recent changes to Xbox Game Pass in the UK and Xbox Live worldwide.

Microsoft stated in a statement to the Verge (opens in a new tab) that “changes to inactive subscribers will initially rollout in the UK, and will be made available worldwide soon.”

Below are details of the changes that will allow Microsoft to provide more transparent information about auto-renewal refunds and inactive subscriptions.

Original story:Microsoft changes how it communicates Xbox Game Pass renewals and price rises.

Microsoft and the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority have agreed to modify practices around Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, as revealed by Eurogamer (opens in new tab) today. Microsoft is changing the way it communicates certain aspects about its subscription services in the UK.

First, Microsoft will be more transparent with customers about both subscription services. They will tell customers how to disable auto-renewal and when services will automatically renew. Customers can also claim refunds if they don’t wish to have their subscription renewed.

The new changes will make it easier to get refunds. Microsoft will contact customers with recurring 12-month subscription contracts and offer a refund. Microsoft will also contact customers who have been paying for subscriptions but have not used them in a while to inform them that they are actually paying.

Microsoft will also be more transparent about price increases. Microsoft will provide customers with more information about price increases and how to disable auto-renewal to stop them from having to pay the higher amount.

Microsoft has not yet set a date for the implementation of these changes for U.K. customers. The UK-based Competition and Markets Authority has pushed for these changes. However, it is not yet clear if the changes will be made to other regions.

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