Chimeraland – Pinnapup Pet Evolution Strategy

There are many bizarre beasts found in Chimeraland. After you have captured and incubated the beasts, you can purchase them as mounts. Certain mounts are able to consume other animals and utilize the evol. pills to transform into completely new creatures.
A super cute mount is a mount that can be created by ordinary animals. It’s been claimed that it is ranked as second-most adorable, however, really, there is no pet that would dare to be at the top. It’s got big ears and watery eyes. It also has the red scarf, red hat, and most fluffy of fluff. It is enough to make you want to kiss the thing… The Pinnapup!


Obtaining a Pinnapup

Obtaining a Pinnapup

The Pinnapup is an evolving pet that can’t be obtained immediately. Thus, getting it is a sort of cultivation. After incubating a

regular Snowbear, get your Snowbear to devour


Beetlefly Wings and a

Leoparbeak Head. Take the

Pinnapup Evol. Pill to the


Spirit Witch Trahaearnto transform your Snowbear.

Snowbears and Leoparbeaks generally are seen in snowy areas in peak seasons. Both species are abundant in the ice fields of the northwest of Centralmount and can be easily captured. Beetleflies are usually found near mountains and lakes in the prairie regions. They are tiny and hard to locate. Travelers may access them by opening

Map – Filter & Map animals – Beetleflyto find their areas of gathering, then you can use


Search – Customized – Produce & Animals Beetlefly Meatto discover them.

Pinnapup Evol. Pills can be purchased in two ways:

purchase from the shop you can also use the


Elixir Maker IIIto fuse.

Pinnapup Evol. The pill is Scorpion King Stinger, x8 plus Newt Fat x8 Centipede Skin x8 Chimeraland Beast Hide 8PS
Scorpion King Stinger – Grand Pinchpion, Newt Fat – Grand Newt, Centipede Skin – Grand Silkhopper.
The above materials are available through The Home Shop, Ink black Shop, and Molten Shop.

Pinnapup Cultivation

The Pinnapup’s start


ATK/HP/DEFqualities are

63/60/60. The Bloodline Conversion Ratio is 5.5%. Its ability attribute is 4.8 percent of The Ranged DMG Enhance and it is able to unlock seven inherited skill slots.

The Pinnapup is a combination


air and and mount which can launch attacks from the ground and also from the air. It comes with 4 abilities which are available at the level of Lv. 0.


The Pinnapup’s skills are able to deal melee and ranged damages, and you are able to select various combinations of skills in accordance with different game modes.


For a pet in PvE you can pick Melee/Ranged Increase, Melee/Ranged Reduced DMG Def Break, or Crit DMG. For a pet with PvP status, You can pick Melee/Ranged DMG Increase Melee/Ranged DMG Reduction DEF Break, Increased DMG to Travelers, and Reduced DMG for Travelers.

The pinnapup’s most loved foods include Succulent Ox Marrow, Sparrow Beak, Stir-Fried Browtelope, and Chimeraland One Pot Dish. Feed it in order to boost the quality of its food.

To increase the quality of its food To improve its quality, serve it the delicacy of a lifetime: Succulent Ox Marrow. The primary ingredient in This dish comes from Watery Bone, which is obtained from aquatic cattle-type beasts. It can also be bought through the Home Shop The Raw Purple Shop, so it’s fairly easy to get.



The cultivation of Pinnapup is easy. Use it to defeat monsters, bring it into the Secret Realm and give it food and maturity Pills, then give it eggs to help refine it. Soon you will be strong. You can place your item into the Bloodline slot and your player will gain enhanced Battle Power.

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