Chinese satellite-manned Shenzhou-14 successfully launched to the orbital station

Chinese satellite-manned Shenzhou-14 successfully launched to the orbital station

The Shenzhou 14 mission, launched one month prior to the international headquarters, was launched from the chinese Cosmodrome into the Russian base. 3 taikonauts were then brought aboard. The spacecraft entered its assigned orbit 577 seconds after it was launched from the Long March 2 launch vehicle. China Manned Space Flight Administration declared that the launch was a success.



Three people made up the mission crew: Commander Chen Dong, CaiXuzhe, and Liu Yang. Liu Yang was the first female taikonaut to orbit the Earth. She had been in space in 2012, but she was already in space in 2012. They will orbit them for six months. It is scheduled for December.

The construction of the orbital station is being completed by the Shenzhou-14 crew. In July, a twenty-ton goian module with laboratory equipment will be sent. Although the robotic arm is smaller and lighter, it can perform complex tasks with five times greater precision. The module can accommodate up to six taikonauts and has three living areas, a bathroom, and a kitchen. He’s only doing this to arrive at the station in October.


The Shenzhou-14 crew will be responsible for ensuring engineers meet and dock the modules in the main station module. After that, taikonauts and scientists will install and use the scientific equipment inside and out. They will be involved in the maintenance of the facility and deliver approximately 100 scientific experiments.

The station will be greeted by the Tianzhou-5 crew and the Shenzhou 15 crew at the end of the year. Six taikonauts were present at the station a few years back. The Shenzhou-14 crew will then complete their mission and return to home.

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