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Chivalry 2 has landed on Steam with Tenosian Invasion update on all formats

We have had access to Chivalry 2 on Xbox and PlayStation, and Epic Games Store. It’s been a while, but the Torn Banner team and Tripwire presents team plan to release a Steam version. The two-game theme, “Tivalry 2 : Tenosian Invasion”, is still available, and the sequel is also up to date.

It is Chivalry 2 from publisher Tripwire Presents and developer Torn Banner Studios. S, PS5 and PS4, with Steam players getting immediately and instantly in line with all of its other versions, full of new games, and all the latest updates released and the latest content on every platform. You will also find the Tenosian Invasion update everywhere.

The Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion update promises the most ambitious and significant content update Torn Banner Studios has ever seen. You can expect to see new content including the Tenosian faction, new team objectives and deathmatch maps, weapons skins, armory items and weapon skins, and much more. Mounted horseback combat is now available in the Chivalry franchise for the first time, giving players a new and exciting way to play the genre-defining first person slasher. You can also connect across platforms using the console server.

Tenosian invasion will entice you to explore these new maps.

  • Baudwyn is demolished (Team Objective Map). Tenosians smash through Mason Bulwark using siege equipment and new explosive Bombards.
  • The Razing of Askandir (Team Goal Map) Masons invade Tenosian ports to destroy their lighthouses and burn down their huge library.
  • The Charge of Wardenglade (Team Deathmatch Map) The Classic Open Field is now in cavalry.
  • Desert (Team Deathmatch map) A battle at the western edge of Baudwyn during the dark, cold night.

This fully-played combat system allows players to see how their foes will fight, land devastating front or rear horse kicks, destroy their opponents with lances, and engage with mounted or grounded combatants.

The Chivalry 2 – Tenosian Invasion will be launched immediately. You can purchase the game on Xbox One, Xbox S, and S (report for download here), PS4, PS5, or PC via Epic and now on Steam.

Let us know if this update has enough to get you back in the Chivalry 2.