Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers All Endings Guide

Chrono Remaster Radical Dreamers All Endings guide – The True Ending guide and x10 bonus endings guidelines


Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers All Endings guide

  • True Ending- Chrono cross: Use Chrono cross Against the Time Devourer in its true form.
  • Bad Ending – Beat the Time Devourer, True Form, without the Chrono Cross
  • Ending: Completion of the game without talking to Leena or recruiting Poshul
  • General Kid – Complete the game before you infiltrate Viper Manor
  • The Magical Dreamers – Before you complete fort Dragonia, Nikki and Razzly are in the party. Kid is also healed.
  • True Hero – Defeat the Time Devourer, while Kid is poisoned.
  • New Beginnings After turning to Lynx.
  • Darkened Fate – Harle has left, but Dario has not been defeated
  • Career Switch: Finish the game after beating Dario and before you get Serge’s body.
  • The Return of the Downtrodden Defeat Time Devourer After the appearance of Terra Tower
  • Remaster Secret ending: Beat Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers and then watch the credits (game selection) up to the very end

Guide to the True Ending

These are the steps that will unlock the True Ending.


  1. The Tear of Love (Home).
  2. Visit Divine Dragon Falls (Another).
  3. To get the 7th element (Chronocross), go into the Waterfall
  4. Face the time Devour
  5. In order: Yellow, red, green and blue, black, yellow, white, and Chrono cross

Bad ending

You can use the Chrono cross however you wish, provided you respect the order we have given you to reach the true ending.

Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers all Endings – Trophies

Unloick x1 trophy for every ending (x11trophies).

  • A New Future – See the good ending.
  • An Unchanging Tomorrow: The bad ending.
  • The Developers Room: Ending 1: The Designers’ Room.
  • The Acacian Empire – See Ending 2: Acacian Empire.
  • The Magical Dreamers – See Ending 3:The Magical Dreamers.
  • Shop Staff and Three Unlikely Heroes – See Ending 4: Shop Staff and Three Unlikely Heroes .
  • The Revival of Marbule: Ending 5: The Rembirth of Marbule.
  • The Last Stand – See Ending 6 for The Last Stand.
  • The Viper Orphanage – See Ending 7: Viper Orphanage.
  • The Dark Fate – See Ending 8:The Dark Fate.
  • The Dragon God’s Revenge – See Ending 9:The Dragon God’s Revenge.

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