Classic Car-Nage awaits with new Demolition Derby and more in GRID Legends

If you want to be wild, GRID Legends has the right game for you. The EA and Codemasters stables are looking to add Classic Car-Nage to GRID Legends with a new Demolition Derby mode. There’s also something new in the Driven to Glory story expansion.

Codemasters and EA have released some Classic Car Nages of GRID Legends today, with a new adrenaline-fueled gameplay mode. The new story-based, cross-platform multiplayer DLC is included. Drivers compete in their cars against one another, repeating all existing racing rules, while taking the lead.

Racers can also become more agile and faster in a new way. Even better, there are new themes and patches, as well as Fordzilla 3D, which can be used as a vehicle in the game.

This new mode will be released as a series of racing events. It reintroduces players to the Driven to Glory heroes and offers an almost impossible experience that challenges the GRID rules. The second episode is about Valentin Manzi. It was created by Ncuti Gatwa, a British actor. The rest of the field also disrupts a series Classic Car-Nage events.

You will also have access to five additional vehicles, including an Ice-cream Truck, as well as four new routes that cross two locations: the Yokahama Docks, which are highly regarded, and Havana’s intense heat. Three new career opportunities will also be created by this expansion.

Steven Brand, Codemasters’ associate creative director, stated that the Classic Car-Nage is a spectacular attack on the powerful DRKder. There are many ways to pile up, including new routes with multiple aces, bridges, ramps, and story mode objectives that allow players to develop their own strategies to survive these events. I look forward to playing with people online and causing mayhem!

Classic Car-Nages multiplayer interaction encourages you to challenge your friends and regain control of the track.

The virtual worlds are blurring the lines between digital and real world. GRID legends will be attending Goodwood Festival of Speed from June 23rd to 26th with Team Fordzilla. This esports team builds on the brand’s racing heritage by competing on the virtual stage at the highest level. The brand will launch a new car model, TFZ-P1, which was designed by gamers for use inside and outside of the game. A full-scale model will be on display at Goodwood. It will also be available in the game as an option for players. The car’s debut will be accompanied by an in-game competition where players can race to the fastest lap time between June 23rd and July 29th.

After months of working closely with gamers all over the globe, we are excited to see the TFZ-P1 make its debut in the GRID Legends video game. We want everyone to feel the excitement of driving a Ford no matter where they are or on what platform. As it would be for racing enthusiasts, gamers should also have the opportunity to play the game on the roads. They could even drive the car in the game!

Classic Car-Nage is the new Demo Derby game mode and is available on Xbox One, PS5 & PC. Owners can instantly access the content they purchase when they buy a bundle.

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