Clea ascends to become Marvel’s next Sorcerer Supreme in Strange #1

We already know what the next step is – a new Clea comic book, Strange (opens in new tab), will debut March 2. Jed MacKay, a Death of Doctor Strange author, will team up with Marcelo Ferreira to create this ongoing series. It’ll cover Clea’s early days in Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme’s world and give insight into her unique family that includes her mother (Umar), her uncle and her cousin (Doyle Dormammu), debuting March 2.

If you are curious about how and why Clea got the name Strange, she and Strange were married years ago.

However, in this Strange series, she will be longing for Stephen Strange, and searching for ways to bring him home. But, she will also be drawn into immediate concerns, including the debut of the Harvestman, a new villain, on Strange #1 variant covers by Mahmud Asrar.

Bjorn Barends has drawn Strange #1’s main cover. There are variant covers by Sabine Rich (two editions), Francesco Manna, a Carnage Forever variation), Shannon Maer, J. Scott Campbell, Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, J. Scott Campbell, J. Scott Campbell, Skottie Young and Frank Brunner (a ‘Hidden Gem’ variation), and the aforementioned Asrar. These covers are available for you to see here.

MacKay announces that “After the apocalyptic events of The Death of Doctor Strange”, there is a new Sorcerer supreme at 177A Bleecker Street and a new Doctor Strange- Clea Strange.”

She’s a hard worker. When she’s not fighting the Blasphemy Syndicate’s magical gangsters or undead super-monsters she’s pursuing Stephen Strange, her true love. Clea, a Faltine warrior and conqueror race, is not thwarted by the mysterious Harvestman.

Strange #1 (opens in new tab). will be on sale March 2.

This might make Clea one of our top supernatural heroes in comic books.

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