Club Penguin Rewritten Secret Agent Guide

Club Penguin Rewritten Secret Agent Guide. This guide contains the steps and the correct answers for becoming a Secret Agent. Get the Spy Phone to access the PSA Missions.


How do you become a secret agent?

To view the CP Rewritten Rules and the Secret, click on the Moderators Badge (top left – main screen).

Club Penguin Rewritten Secret Agent – Test & Answers

These are the correct answers to pass the test. If you want to be a secret agent, you must answer them all correctly.

  • Select one quality you believe a secret agent should possess > Correct Answer: Honest
  • Select the right reason to report a penguin a moderator. Correct Answer: Being rude or mean
  • What would you do if a penguin broke the rules? > Correct Answer: Report them
  • What type of personal data should be reported? > Correct Answer: They should say their address
  • Choose one reason you want to become a secret agent. > Correct Answer: Club Penguin is safe
  • Choose another reason you want to become a secret agent > Correct Answer: Helping other penguins

Once they approve, you will be issued the Spy Phone, access the Fish, and alto to HQ

Club Penguin Rewritten Secret Agent- PSA Missions

You are now a Secret Agent and can access the PSA Missions.

  1. Use your Spy Phone (player profile > Lower right corner).
  2. Press Visit Head Quarters (HQ)
  3. Click on Top Secret (the blue panel).
  4. Select your mission, complete it, and then go on to the next 10 missions.

You can find the PSA Missions walkthroughs here

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