COD The typhoons say matchmaking waits too long not a matter to investigate

Name of game: Warzone, which was named after the first game in the series. Created in collaboration with Sledgehammer Games, it launched in November last year and runs on an IW 8.0 engine.

Although the game was released by Activision however, the name was not seen much after Vanguard’s announcement.

It was actually the first time that the company was using Call of Duty instead of Activision.


Reviewers and players alike applauded this game’s realistic graphics and rapid-paced gameplay, technical glitches and issues like Zombies weapon not loading, or not appearing in the H4 Blixen challenges that aren’t tracking have been a source of concern for many players in the past few days.

Since these issues were enough to be a source of frustration, Call of Duty Vanguard players are now claiming that the wait for matches is getting too excessively long (1,2,3,4,5).

Users have attempted to switch to a wired connectionby making sure to check Internet settings or restarting their systems and even resetting their files, but no solution can assist them in finding a solution.

Here are some reports on Call of Duty. Vanguard players are complaining that they are pressed for times to participate.


While ps5 relies on glimmers and glimmering, the results aren’t gender neutral. Every time a game enters stage one or two players There is a hint of teeming. In addition to the final product created by taker as well as the first one. If the result is a nedge that resembles zombies, and you could even hear a real sound from the tusker. (Source)

Is it me or the first update was where every mag got an enlightenment, a slight boost, etc. I’m not the only one who is able to tell. Do you have any other players having trouble in gaining access to the game? Through the day, I’ll only be looking in for only a few minutes. In the next, I’ll be in a game that’s already begun, and teams are not balanced. It’s very early such as when I was in 4v6 during the second game and the game started with a 0-0 deficit. What was the reason it didn’t get me into the game? This time I began having only the experiences of a tiny bit before the update was complete. (Source)

As far as I can tell it, there is a problem with the Call of Duty – Vanguard developers (Sledgehammer Games) have acknowledged the issue and had added this issue on their Trello board. They have a look at the issue however, there’s no solution.

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When we resolve the matchmaking issue We’ll be updating this area and keep you updated! Also, be sure to check out our Call of Duty Vanguard bug tracker to determine if there are any similar problems.

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