COD Warzone Season 4 deforestation on Caldera the team’s visibility increases

The battle royale awaits the launch of Keep map of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific. However, they are ready to receive more information at the beginning of the new season.

The development team has revealed some major changes that were planned for the shooter. The Tweet contains all the news you are noticing. It has been confirmed that CD season 4: Warzone Pacific will contain several updates to the Caldera map.

The developers made the decision to reduce the area’s vegetation by as much as 50%. It should bring the entire world closer to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific players. You can also enjoy the many points of interest and the loot that is available during the free-to-play game. There are many new Mercenary vaults, which contain rich surprises. Activision also promises that i will be appearing in Season 4 of COD: Warzone Pacific.

The Warzone Pacific High Value Looting Zones were allowed to be initiated without charge.

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