Conan Exiles announced the update 3.0 with the Age of Sorcery

Conan Exiles will get a new maxi update, which will introduce witchcraft and the Age of Sorcery. LUpdate 3.0 will be available in the third quarter 2022. It is free to all owners of the beloved survival. This game will make the game a live event, which will have an impact on the future content.

Let’s take a look at a movie that includes the news.


Conan Exiles 3.0 had been leaked in previous games. It’s not in danger, but it’s now.

You can see some photos 3,0 updated:

Let’s take a look at some other details taken from the official press release.

Ages offer Conan Exiles a new way to expand his experience and world. Each year will begin with Age of Sorcery. In addition to free updates and paid Battle Passes each year, the current model will be replaced with DLC-based. To provide a steady stream of content, and make it easy for players to contribute to the game’s development, the eras are geared towards the future. They also offer a way for them to get special themed cosmetics.

Age of Sorcery allows players to choose to explore the dangerous powers of Sorcery and to sacrifice some of their lives to create a curse and summon ungodly beings. Character progression and combat will be greatly enhanced by improved attributes and perk system.

Conan Exiles has always been a great place to build. A complete redesign of the interface has made it faster and more intuitive for keyboards and controllers. There is also a creative mode that allows players to create without any restrictions or creativity.

This update contains a variety of new additions and changes to followers. It also includes new items and crafting materials related to witchcraft, rituals, and the update to the world in order to make it more dangerous and alive.

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