Conan Exiles Revisions Massive Age of Gratitude

Conan Exiles has been thriving for many years. Funcom announced today that they have made a major update to the site.

The 3.0 update will add an element to this game that was teased as much since its release, and its sorcery.

Gamers can also perform rituals or spells, which will bring back the second part of the sword-and-sorcery definition.

Another major change is that cultural specialties are being replaced by Ages. Ages will have their own themes and Battle Passes. Although this would not replace the existing model, once the Ages come together, an update will be available that everyone can enjoy.

There will be some changes, such as a revamp of perks and a better building system that works with controllers.

The Age of the Savior update is not yet available, but it will be released in Q3 of this year.

Below is the trailer for the announcement.

The Nemedian Culture is the latest DLC for Dragon. It is the last of its kind.

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