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Conversation about video games and health

Three experts discussed the risk and protection aspects within E-Sports .

This is a an element of the province-wide program that focuses on the development and promotion of video games.

In the framework within the E-Sports Program, the conversation “e-sports, video games and health” was created, an area to discuss and debate the risks and protections involved in the game of video games.

The Government of Cordoba, in addition to encouraging the fun and leisure-like nature of video games and supporting the growth of the local economy, it promotes best guidelines and a safe and healthy usage.


On the day of the event of the event, there was officials from the Ministry of Science and Technology Pablo De Chiara and the Secretary of Addiction Prevention, Raul Gigena Parker who welcomed the face-to face and online audience that took part in the event within the auditorium at the Technological science portfolio of the local.

In the next, Gustavo Talavan, Andres Darbyshire, and Mariela Mociulsky all have expertise on this topic from various perspectives, were presented.

Pablo De Chiara recalled that within the program, it was introduced at the close of the year, and it was announced that the Cordobesa Cup of Electronic Football was held on April 23rd. “Now we add this part of more reflection, which has to do with the responsible use of video games and how players are trained,” declared the official.

“Now what is coming is an intercollegiate Minecraft league and the league of legends championship” the Minister De Chiara anticipated.

On the other hand, Dario Gigena Parker, highlighted the necessity of knowing “what factors benefit children and what aspects should be considered. What technological advances must we consider when carrying the practice of playing for its growth and to connect it to industry .

The words of the experts

In the beginning, Gustavo Talavan, a columnist who specializes in technology, said that , in video game worlds, everything is achievable. The problem is that it is difficult to break off the game from the real world. Guides that are based on Sport’s are beneficial because they help to train players to be successful in their practices , “he added. Regarding the E-Sports program, he said that “it is fascinating to make this program more accessible to the younger generation as it gives them the opportunity to help the youngest players within this setting . “

Andres Darbyshire, physical trainer for the News Indians team: “Our body is designed to move and this type of practice requires regular physical activity,” He advised.

“Esports is already a sport, it is linked to high performance” He promised and recommended certain activities to incorporate into the everyday routine, for example, walking 6,000 steps per day, scheduling break times and strength-training.

The CEO of the innovation consultancy firm Trendsity Mariela Mociulsky, spoke of the game in terms of “a new entertainment mobilizer” . “Esports – she indicated – present the possibility of training for skills in life and motor skills “.

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