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Cookie Run: Kingdom Black Pearl Cookie best build guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Black Pearl Cookie best build guide

These are the top toppings and the most treasures to the brand new Legendary Ambush Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie to be found from Cookie Run: Kingdom!

The truth behind Duskgloom Sea’s terrors, Black Pearl Cookie is the most recent iconic cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Her story, along with Captain Caviar Cookie is the main focus on patch 3.6’s plotline “Black Pearl Islands.” She is an Ambush kind of cookie and is favored to be in the middle of it. This guide will help you find Black Pearl Cookie’s top toppings and treasures to do the most damage!

Best Toppings and Treasures for Black Pearl Cookie

In order to create the best Black Pearl Cookie, One of the factors to think about is her abilities. Her talent is known as “Duskgloom’s Sovereign,” which lets her dive into the depths and change into her most powerful appearance, causing a swirling storm that pulls enemies to the center and inflicts regular damage. Furthermore, enemies are struck by Terror. Since she inflicts fear on opponents, she’s invulnerable to all Fear foes. Additionally, she excels in PvP due to her ability that can reduce the enemy’s healing capabilities by 35 percent. In addition, those who are affected through Terror of the Abyss will be affected by having their ATK speed and speed of movement reduced by 20%, and the ATK by 15.5 percent for 15 minutes.

Because her damage is proportional to her target’s HP, the most effective option for toppings on Black Pearl Cookie is the x5 Searing Raspberry. These are the most popular option to help her deal devastating damage to her foes. Another option for topping is to use the x5 Swift Chocolate to lower the cooldown on her skills dramatically. This will let her make her skills more effective. You can also make use of an extremely solid 5 Solid Almond or a combination of 3 Searing Raspberry + 2 Solid Almond for more damage and resistance. This will enable her to take more punishment from foes.

To boost Black Pearl Cookie’s damage, you can utilize the Old Pilgrim’s scroll to boost the overall ATK of your team. Additionally, SquishyJelly Watch will reduce the time between the skill’s cooldown which work great on Black Pearl Cookie. Additionally, you could make use of Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn to boost DEF on all cookie and Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather to bring back the cookie by restoring 20 percent in HP.