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Cookie Run: Kingdom Captain Caviar Best Build guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Best Build guide

Check out the most delicious toppings and treats for the most recent Epic Cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom!

The Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update is finally out within Cookie Run: Kingdom. The most recent update includes two cookies, the famous ambush cookie Black Pearl Cookie and the legendary bomber named Captain Caviar CookieTwo of these cookies are the main focus of the story “Black Pearl Island.” These are the top toppings and treats to be found in the Captain Caviar Cookie.

Best Toppings and Treasures for Captain Caviar

To figure out which treasures and toppings should be equipped in order to equip Captain Caviar with the best, it is important to first know his abilities. His strengths lie in his ability to use the Black Shark Torpedo. it fires 3 Black Shark Torpedoes at enemies and provides all allies with the ability to debuff. Furthermore, the torpedoes have been designed to attack the enemies who has the most HP first. When his skills hit an opponent, he becomes invulnerable to the effects of fear and invulnerable to disrupting abilities.

Because Captain Caviar’s ability is dependent on his skills The best option for his food would be 5 Swift Chocolate. These kinds of toppings will reduce the duration of his skills and allow him to swarm his skills and inflict massive damage in addition, to buff enemies. Another option is to use an entire five Searing Raspberry so that the torpedoes he throws at enemies will result in huge damage. Additionally, he may be considered to support chocolate because of the debuff feature. In this case, he can be equipped with 5 Almond Toppings as well as a combination of three Almond Toppings plus two Swift Chocolate to increase his chances of survival.

In order to select the treasures to be found, it’s suggested to equip Captain Caviar with The Squishy Jelly Watch. This treasure will greatly decrease the time between cooldowns of his abilities. The addition of the Old Pilgrim Scroll can significantly boost the DMG output. Additionally, you can add one of the gatekeeper ghost Hornto to boost your DEF for all cookies, or the Divine Honey Cream Crown to boost CRIT%, and also CRIT DMG.