Corpse Husband insists not all songs need to be lyrical after criticism over biggest hit

Because of the anxiety it causes, Corpse Husband doesn’t stream as often as he used too. He’s still industrious and continues to create content in different ways. He has been spending more time listening to his music in recent years.

The multi-talented artist is featured in eleven songs, including Hot Demon B!tches near U! The launch of! was in September.

His music isn’t for everyone. Some don’t get his unique sound and voice, while others criticize certain songs for being too simplistic, particularly in the lyrics. Corpse Husband found the criticism hilarious.

Image by Corpse Husband.

It’s funny! I made a song called Hot Demon Bo*tches near You and people click it and say, “These lyrics are f**king trash!” She said it while visiting V-Tuber Ironmouses’ website.

Corpse Husband said that a song with such a title would have deep and meaningful lyrics. He called his critics dumbed-out for that.

He learned from them and realized that he sometimes feels the need to write more meaningful words, while other times he likes to create fun songs. That song was well-written. It’s not meant to be f*king poetic.

His songs are listened to millions on YouTube and Spotify. He was also well-known for his hit song DayWalker which has over 90 million listens.

The Corpse Husband haters make up a small minority.

It was 11th on a variety charts and 13th, 86th, United Kingdom singles Chart and 195th on the Billboard Global 200.

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