Crystal Project All Summon Locations
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Crystal Project All Summon Locations

Crystal Project All Summon locations – A guide to finding Pah, Shaku, and Pamoa as well as Niltsi (Loske), Loske, Guaba, and Coyote (Tira)

This guide will show you where to find Summon’s diety within Crystal Project. If we have missed anything, please let us all know in the comments section below.


Crystal Project All Summon Locations

These are the Summon Locations, and how to get there

  • Pah – Inside a cave beneath Okimoto N.S.
  • Shaku South of Old Nan’s Watering Hole. Spawning Meadows.
  • Pamoa – Southeast of Tall, Tall Heights, and southwest of Chalice of Tar
  • Niltsi is just behind Gaea Shrine.
  • Loske – Just fly southwest from Callisto Shrine.
  • Guaba Middle of Salmon Bay. It can be reached via Open Sea, Poseidon Shrine, or River Cat’s Ego.
  • Coyote – Deep Sea, far south of the end of Ancient Reservoir requires Salmon
  • Tira – Shoudu Province, northeast Ganymede shrine
  • Juices – To reach the top of Jidamba Tangle’s west side, climb the trees and waterfalls.

Crystal Project FAQ: All Summon Locations

  • If you have at least one Summoner in your main class and defeat the Deity permanently, everyone in your party will be able to learn the Summon skill.
  • Summon skills can still be learned at LP as if all the prerequisite skills were already taught.
  • You can find the Summoner crystal at the end of Slip Glide Ride In Tall, Tall Heights. This requires an Owl.

About Crystal Project

Explore the globe, discover Crystals, fulfill the prophecy, and bring balance to the Land of Sequoia.

Perhaps you prefer to spend your time collecting equipment and artifacts. You could also tame odd creatures and fill in all your archives. Perhaps you want to hunt down all the monsters and take on the toughest bosses in the world. Perhaps you would rather explore the farthest reaches and discover the greatest mysteries of the universe.

You have the right to make that decision, and it should! Or is it? It is said that anyone who crosses the line will be punished, executed, or worse. Perhaps it is for your own benefit that you keep collecting Crystals just like everyone else. What would be the thrill in that?

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