Cult of the Lamb, a cute yet dark roguelike game, is launching on August 11

Pay your debts, defeat the unbelievers and create the strongest cult in Cult of the Lamb. It will launch on August 11.


Cult Of The Lamb is an action-roguelike game that lets you start your own cult in a world of false prophets. Cult Of The Lamb will launch on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on August 11, 2022.

The Sermons of the Lamb trailer shows gameplay elements such as combat, starting your own cult, and encounters with cultish characters.

Cult of the Lamb is an action-packed adventure game that lets players become a possessed lamb who was saved from being destroyed by an evil stranger. You must repay the debt they made by creating a loyal cult to his name.

Your cultish journeys will start in a land full of false prophets. You can develop a loyal following by exploring the diverse areas of the country. You will gain more followers the more you spread the word about your savior.

You can also use your resources to build and repair new structures and perform dark rituals for gods.

You will come across a lot of rival cults and enemies as you travel through this randomly created world. You can defeat them and absorb their power, which will increase the strength of your own cult.

Train your followers, and then go on quests to discover the secrets of each region. You can also spread your faith and cleanse the world from non-believers.

Pay your debts and set out on a mission to create the strongest cult in Cult of the Lamblaunching on PC and Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 2, and Xbox on August 11, 2022. Preorder the game for USD 24.99 For more amazing content, be sure to visit our Latest News Section!

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