Cult of the Lamb Recipes – Full List

Cult of the Lamb Recipes – Full List

Cult of the Lamb Recipes Complete List of Recipes The Ingredients and All effects, and how to unlock new recipes as well as find additional ingredients


Cult of the Lamb Recipes – All the Ingredients

They are also the components every recipe needs.

  • Grassy Gruel: x5 Grass
  • Basic Berry Bowl: x6 Berries
  • Paltry Pumpkin Soup: x4 Pumpkins
  • Meager Mixed Meal: x4 Berries + x2 Minnows + x2 Morsels
  • Stringy Meat Gruel: x3 Morsels
  • Pungent Fish Stew: x3 Minnows
  • Bowl of Poop: x3 Fertilizers
  • Minced Follower Meat: x3 Follower Meat + x5 Bones
  • Deadly Dish: Follower Meat + Fertilizer + Grass
  • Cheery Cauliflower Chowder: x4 Cauliflowers
  • Tasty Fish Meal: x3 Salmon
  • Hearty Meat Broth: x2 Meat
  • Modest Mixed Meal: x4 Pumpkins + x2 Salmon + x2 Meat
  • Mighty Meat Feast: x4 Meat + Crab + Lobster
  • Magnificent Mixed Meal: x4 Beetroots + x2 Tunas + x2 Meat
  • Splendid Vegetable Feast: x6 Beetroots + x2 Pumpkins + x2 Cauliflower
  • Delicious Fish Feast: Squid + Octopus + Blowfish + Swordfish

Cult of the Lamb Recipes – All the Effects

These are the results that every recipe can produce.

  • Grassy Gruel: 25% chance of illness
  • Simple Berry Bowl: 15 percent chance of Follower Poop
  • Pale Pumpkin Soup Chance of 5% illnesses and diarrhea
  • A Measly Mixed Meal 10 percent chance of increasing the loyalty of followers
  • The Meat Grease that is Stringy 10% chance exhaustion.
  • Pungent Fish Stew: 10% chance of illness
  • Bowl of Poop 50 percent chance of sickness and diarrhea, and 20 faith
  • Minced Follower Meat 75% chance of sickness 25% chance to increase the loyalty of Followers 40% chance of stopping Followers from disobeying and – 20 Faith.
  • Deadly Dish: 75% chance followers die & 100% chance drop valuable resources
  • Cheery Chowder with Cauliflower 25% chance of loss of valuable resources and the chance of contracting a 5% disease
  • Tasty Fish Meal: 25% chance drop valuable resources & 15% chance Follower vomit
  • Hearty Meat Broth 25% chance of dropping valuable resources and a 15% chance of Follower poop
  • Moderate Mixed Meal with a 20% chance increase loyalty of followers
  • Mighty Meat Feast 75% chance of dropping precious resources
  • Fantastic Mixed Meal The 100% chance increase the loyalty of Followers
  • Splendid Vegetable Food 59% probability increase the loyalty of Followers and add 5 to Faith
  • Delicious fish feast 25% chance to lose valuable resources and 30 percent of follower who recovers from illness

How do I unlock new recipes?

All you need to do in order to unlock a recipe is gather the ingredients required to make it, so take a look at the initial page (Ingredients) to discover the ingredients you’re lacking.


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