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Curve Games and Triangle Studios delay indie shooter From Space

Curve Games and Triangle Studios delay indie shooter From Space

From Space, a tongue-in-cheek alien shooter that is a bit of a joke has delayed its launch date until September.

from Space The game, which is scheduled to release in the near future, From Space, an Indie shooter that can support up to four players co-op It has been officially delayed, without a time frame for its release. This game had been planned to launch on September 29th in 2022. Today’s announcement will reveal a different launch date later in the week.

As per the announcement, this delay is applicable to all platforms and there’s no specific motive other than the standard. The trailers and updates so far are clear, it’s possible that the developers simply require polishing some things up and do not have any serious functional problems.

Therefore it is likely that the new date for release probably won’t be too far off. Based on similar indie games that have been released, the game is likely to be released sometime in winter or at the beginning of 2023. This is really unfortunate, as the game appears basic but adorable despite its generic mechanics and well-known alien invasion theme.

In addition, From Space was produced through Curve Games, which has always supported many obscure gems. They also published Human Fall Flat which is among the top intriguing funny, humorous and original games for ragdolls of any genre. They also released the Ascent which is a co-op shooter which was a huge success this year and is still receiving nearly universal praise.

In all likelihood, Curve Games must have found something similar to this to offer from Space. Whatever the case, this will be a major leap for the developers at Triangle Studios. There are only a couple selections of titles in their collection as well AereA is not received well by the public. reviews.


As of now, From Space does look promising and you can try the game’s gameplay in this official trailer for Summer of Gaming 2022:

The co-op aspect is crucial for this game because it’s more of the kind of game that you play at parties, but there’s nothing wrong with this. Learn the full review of the game from Space, Curve Games, and other indies coming soon by checking out the News section!