Cyberpunk 2077 leak suggests it may be coming to next-gen systems soon

The next-generation Cyberpunk 2077, specifically for PS5, may be finally on the way.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by either CD Projekt Red or Microsoft, the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size – who has a reputation for reliable leaks gleaned through analysing the backend data of the PlayStation Store’s databases – shared what many believe to be all new cover art. It also suggested that it might be coming “mid February – early March”.

Below is the updated image and the tweet.

Although it is impossible to know for certain what these leaks mean, it aligns with the company’s roadmap, which indicated that a new-generation upgrade would be available by early 2022. However, the account added an Addendum to the Twitter thread. Responding to confused commenters, the account clarified that it was the “PS5 Native Version”.

We can only watch this space. We are thankful February is not so far away!


Cyberpunk 2077 has had a bumpy road, but it appears to be moving in the right direction, despite being one of the most controversial gaming scandals of all time.

Cyberpunk 2077 was a highly anticipated title that was canceled after it was revealed that the game had bugs and performance issues (opens in new tab). This was particularly true for the Xbox One and PS4 base consoles. Sony pulled the game from the PlayStation Store (opens in new tab). Microsoft offered refunds.

CD Projekt had announced in November last year a ” major upgrade (opens in new Tab)” as well as DLC expansions for the RPG. Fans are hopeful that Cyberpunk2077 will be updated soon on Steam’s database (opens in new tab).

How long to beat Cyberpunk(opens in new tab)

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