Daily Jumble 8/5/22 Answers – August

These are the answers to today’s Daily Jumble. They will help you complete the Jumble that you’re currently working on.


Jumblehas entertained people since 1954. It is a classic game in which scrambled words need to be unscrambled in order to find key letters. This leads to a final word that must be unscrambled to solve the day’s pun. The answers to today’s Jumble were published on Aug 5 2022.

Daily Jumble Answers Guide

Multiple words are required to be solved before you can find the final word. It is a combination of letters from the previous words.

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Daily Jumble Answer August 5, 2022

These are the solutions to the 8/5/22 Puzzle:

  • SUMBAH ->

The comments of the mosquitoes about humans were:


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