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Damian Wayne Never Became Batman 666 of His Own Choice

Damian Wayne Never Became Batman 666 of His Own Choice

Damian Wayne breaking dangerous sooner or later seemed to be all the possibility. However, there are numerous questions about what happens to the mature young man that we see in comics who could become the notorious Batman 666. Future State Gotham issue 17 (by Dennis Culver, Geoff, Giannis Milonogiannis with Troy Peteri) appears to provide more details on this. While Damian may need to find revenge on Gotham City, it isn’t entirely his intention to act.


The test was a revelation that Damian was in the grip of his spirit Joe Chill, who was motivating Damian to take on a criminal role. This, on top of his possession by Devil Nezha today along with the unique tale about Batman 666, all suggest that Damian does not want to become the monster. His past experiences have led him to this road, leaving some hope for him in the present.


It was evident that something was wrong with Damian as he returned to his home in Gotham. It is understandable to be upset over the amount of time he was lost in hell along with other painful experiences he certainly had, the amount of hatred he displayed in his resentment towards everyone around him was not apparent to be pure. In the following days, Damian confirmed indicators of emotional warfare, waiting for at times only to be capable of killing the next. The investigation revealed that Joe Chill had over Damian’s body, and each part came together. Damian might feel frustration and anger over what happened to him but he was with his family for long enough to handle these emotions with a sense of knowledge and reverence for justice.

The ending also reinforces the notion that Damian’s transformation to Batman 666 wasn’t something he did freely. The story of Batman fighting. Robin #1 (by Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar, Jordie Bellaire, and Steve Wands) Batman notes that Damian only grew to be a murderer because an outside power took control of Damian. Even in the actual Batman 666 story, Damian was able to make a deal with the Devil and is believed to cause and exacerbate his most egregious behavior.

Damian Wayne Never Became Batman 666 of His Own Choice

All of this supports the argument that, despite his faults, Damian is a wonderful person. Damian is not likely to become an end-of-the-world monster and not just because out of any choice. The circumstances worked against Damian in a way that isolated him, leaving him with no choice other than to either adapt or die.

It also implies that there’s the possibility that Damian could work with his family members to determine the indicators that warn him of his dark side and stay clear of the whole thing. Without the fear of corruption hanging over Damian’s head, the doors are open for brand new stories about Damian to be taught that emphasize the positive aspects that he can handle once he’s ready to keep control over his dark impulses.